D for Duster


When I was studying, the part I loved the best was wiping out what was written on the blackboard with the duster. Somehow, it felt good to have control over something that had been goaded into my head many a time against my will!  Completely forgotten was the fact that the teacher/lecturer had worked hard to write and explain the stuff on the board…. (Before you get any ideas, I used to do this after the teacher had finished her lesson)!!

Maybe, it was the extreme sense of letting go when I wiped the board with the duster to see a clean board ready to be used again. Was it more reflective of a subconscious desire to be set free of all bonds that chained me? Or, was it an ardent wish to begin afresh after the slate had been written and long gone?

Just imagine – how nice it would be to be able to undo one’s past, the grudges, the mistakes, the careless errors, the harsh hurtful words with an invisible duster? How lovely it would seem to be able to make up for time lost by using a duster that aided in wiping out everything that one did not want now? How wonderful it would be to be able to start afresh everyday without our past actions influencing the present or the future.

Maybe, we really do have that duster within each one of us, in our minds, but we seldom use it because we mostly believe that we are victims of circumstance and have to work out our karmas.

Maybe, if I attempt it right now, I would be able to wipe out all that I keep locked in to be indulged in at my whim and fancy depending on my moods. Maybe, I could use this very duster to not carry over days, weeks, months and years of emotion.  Maybe, then, I would really be set free….What do you say?
Entry for the Letter D which is part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014


13 thoughts on “D for Duster

  1. I have regrets, mistakes and grudges, but I don’t know if I’d want to erase them. I have learned from each mistake and each of those negative things has played a part in putting me where I am today. My life could be completely different if I erased them. I don’t know if I’d want to give up what I have now to find out what it would be like.
    I always liked the dusters when they were all used up. We would take them outside and beat the chalk out of them by banging them on the concrete. What a great way to vent frustration!

    1. Somberscribbler, Hi. Good to see you here. Yes, most of the time, we are what we are today because of our mistakes. But I still would want my grudges to go away (although I don’t harbor too many of them). They only sap you of all the positive energy and make you cynical. Yes, beating the chalk out the dusters was also something I did too!!

  2. I don’t know if I would use if very often the skill if I had it. My biggest mistakes made me who I am today. However, for some small ones like an hour ago when I gave my daughter and her friends a loud squeaky rubber chicken to play with. Taking that moment would back would have no life impact other than less headache. Wonderful post, although I always called it an eraser when I was growing up.

  3. Coming over from A-z challenge.
    I love your comparison! I too wiped the boards clean as a child. I also banged the erasers…um, dusters…together too. Maybe that was to allow the ideas, thoughts,feeling etc. into the wind.
    Great stuff!
    ~Naila Moon

    1. Hi Kendricks. So nice of you to drop by and share your views. Yes, I agree, many of our mistakes have made us the kind of people we are today but there still are some things (maybe hurtful, careless) which people may have told/done to us or we may have done that could have been avoided…

  4. That’s such a profound thought, Shail. True, we all have that Duster inside us, but prefer not to use it often and allow the inner blackboard get more messy and darker! If only we could use it more often, wipe the hurt and the mistakes and start afresh….

  5. When I was little, all the students in my class would fight over who could erase the blackboard at the end of the day because we all wanted to do it. haha

    It certainly would be nice to use a duster on our past mistakes, pain and hardships.

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