C for Cocoon!

6748421751_6c2d3d9245_nSometimes, it really feels heavenly when one is cocooned in one’s protective shell. Now, that cocoon could vary from person to person. While one may like wrapping oneself up in a silky covering of solitude cutting off from the world temporarily, there may be others who just need to go underground armed with all their favorite interests in life (like music,  dancing, reading, meditating, etc).

But, in today’s world, cocooning doesn’t come easy. Either you don’t get it at all and get all stressed out and frustrated. Or else, one needs to pay a big price for it like keeping away from all that is essential for daily survival like friends, work, family, etc. Cocooning came easy to me as a child, in fact, it was the getting together with people that worked as an antidote for my self imposed solitude. Gradually, I came to like and appreciate both. While I had a lot of time doing my work on my own in my own company I also enjoyed connecting with people. So, sometimes, the socializing became my cocoon!!

However, as one grows older, one realizes how necessary it is to connect with oneself, away from all the noise and working of society. I understand ( although I  still aspire to reach out and be communicated with) how important it is to realize where one’s priorities lie, how much to give and how much to keep back. My cocoon today, is heading in that direction although there are times when the lines overlap and one lands temporarily in the land of nowhere, neither here nor there kind of thing. But, I am working at it. And I do love my cocoon however incomplete, shoddy or immature it may seem….. Maybe, some day I could turn out into that happy, beautiful, desire free, loving butterfly…….


Entry for the Letter C which is part of the A to Z  Blogging Challenge April 2014


4 thoughts on “C for Cocoon!

  1. Enjoyed this. Makes me think about my dire need for some cocooning. It’s such an important part of our existence. When I talk about cocooning, I often say, “I’m going to my cave.” I hardly ever get the chance to do it, what with the fast-paced moving of the world, but when I do get to cocoon, it is indeed a blessing.

  2. Hi Iseegoodthings. Glad you like this post on cocooning. We all know how much we need it in today’s mad rush to live, survive and have a good time. And when one loses someone dear it becomes all the more essential to get into some cocooning. Like you rightly said, cocooning is indeed a blessing.

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