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Arrey Yaar: It is the Letter ‘A’

Participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge ( April 2014)

The Letter ‘A’

Art crosses the contours of all things creative and logical. There was a time, I was dead sure I was going to become an artist because as far as my memories take me to my past in flashback, I remember that little girl seated in a corner with her art book drawing away all that came to her mind. Images buried in the deep recesses of my subconscious mind or maybe, imaginary – they all gave me the joy that any form of art can ever give a person lost in the mundane activities of a sedentary life.

And, I spared no one. Not even that sparsely haired uncle who decided to give us a visit just when I had begun to get bored. So, into my bedroom I ran, brought out my colors and of course my art book and sat down like those artists on the pavement trying hard to sell a painting or a sketch. And before the visitor left he was sure to get a sketch of himself not exactly in a very complimentary manner but then, I was an artist in the mind, not to ignore the fact that I was a little girl trying hard to put her time to good use instead of running around the house or pulling pranks on visitors!


As time passed my art drifted into the all happening realm of poetry. And I wrote with a vengeance leaving behind those little images from the past only to discover that the images in my poetry reflected a piece of artistry that had not been indifferently discarded behind as I had presumed. In every verse that I read of a well-known poet I could see a little girl or boy seated in the corner trying to create a world of colors, sketches and writing – altogether contributing to the final unsurpassed piece of art.






  1. It’s so true, Shail. Art needs to be expressed, in any and all ways possible.

    I love the imagery presented in this sentence:”In every verse that I read of a well known poet I could see a little girl or boy seated in the corner trying to create a world of colors, sketches and writing – altogether contributing to the final unsurpassed piece of art.”

    Looking forward to exploring your blog. I can see some abso interesting topic-heads in the sidebar.

  2. Thanks dear Sonia for the lovely lines of appreciation. Will be visiting your domain of writing too if possible every other day….

  3. sundarivenkat

    That’s a lovely write up, Shail. I agree that we all have some form of art buried within us. I also used to do a lot of drawing and painting as a kid. Now I have evolved into a writer after all these years 🙂

    • Thank you Sundari. Yes, exactly. We all have some creative talent, ability or image stored within us. It is just that life takes a toll and many branch away.

  4. So awesome. 🙂 I agree – we all have the spirit of art inside of us. We just have to find it!

    • Hi Bonnie. Finding that spirit is pretty an awesome path too. Thank you.

  5. One art form leads to another. How beautiful is that?

    • Hi C.Lee McKenzie. So sweet of you to write in. Yes, definitely – one art form leads to another and how beautiful indeed is the transition.

  6. Hello, Shail

    From one poet to another, I’m so glad I found your blog. It’s delightful.

    Enjoy the A-Z.


    • Hi Felicity. Lovely to have you here. Hoping to read more of each other’s stuff online….Thanks.

  7. Art in all it’s variations. I was a fine arts major, and still draw and paint, but I find as much if not more expression in poetry and prose.
    Perle Champion at Perle’s Ink, freelance words & art

    • Hi Perle, Nice of you to drop by. Yes, art can be seen anywhere and everywhere. We just need to set ourselves free from within. Don’t you think?

  8. Great post! Have fun with A to Z.

    • Hi Jess. Thank you. Hoping to have a real swell time with A to Z.

  9. illsagorrey

    I wish I could have made a living at one of the creative arts. Alas, it was not meant to be.
    I’m visiting from the A to Z challenge. One of the blogs I’m helping do posts for is this one.

    • Hi IIIsgorrey. So nice of you to drop in. One needn’t have to make a living practicing the creative arts. If one has the interest and pursues, that itself is great…. Happy blogging.

  10. Shail, I am so glad you took a moment to stop by my blog so that I could find my way to your blog. I read your three letters, but being a person who loves visual arts, poetry and writing, your image of the child inside resonated with me.

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