Mother Divine!


Oh ! Mother, sweet Mother Divine

Every time  my eyes moisten

for respite

from a world drenched

in the dust of pain and worry

You make me remember

that there is still hope,

that a mundane existence

will crawl out of the deadly odour

of spineless, meaningless banter.


Oh! Mother, Sweet Mother Divine,

when the cruel strings of living death

tie me in their wrathful sadistic grasp

and I struggle to let go, to live the life

of inner joy

you remind me of  the law of karma –

my dharma to live, work and interact

without expectation.

You hold me tight in your warmth of unconditional love

and shoo away the ever worrying thoughts of a fruitless tomorrow.


Oh! Mother, Sweet Mother Divine.

My Humble Pranams.


2 thoughts on “Mother Divine!

  1. Ms Shail Raghuvanshi, nice way to express love. The bitter reality of death has deprived many among us from the warmth of mother’s lap. I still remember how strong I was when my mother was alive but now I feel weak and lonely. 15th February was that unfortunate day when I lost my mother. For almost two years daily I visited her grave and recited Quran, thereafter with gaps. I found the truth that the day when our love ones come into this world and the day when they are taken back by Allah (God) are both the days of blessings and rejoice. No doubt, this world is an examination hall and our lives are series of tests. Whosoever passes these tests would be rewarded in this world and the world hereafter. One wonders how a dead person can be rewarded once he dies. Yes! We die but our spirits are immortal. The period in between our deaths and “the day of judgement” can be compared with the gap after we excel in our educational career and start of bright professional career. Indeed, the Almighty God has promised that all those who excel in this world would be rewarded in the world hereafter and we all, if successful, are hopeful for the great reunion.

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