India · It could be Verse · Reflection

What We Can Do

When the winds of change
threaten to invite anarchy
within its midst
my tri coloured flag flies high
in the sky
putting to shame
all superficial claims to maintain democracy.

When the winds of change
entice a generation too chilled out
to feel the pangs of democratic labour
then, my national flag
rustles quietly in the free breeze
building up a quiet revolution
of self realization and forbearance.

Can we allow a mere changing wind
to ruffle our age old foundation
of love for the soil that enriches
our very being, the soul itself?
When the nation works relentlessly
to live life, to earn, to survive amidst all odds
Can we not silently work to uphold the pride of our national flag?

Jai Hind. Happy Republic Day. God bless You. God bless India.

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