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Through Thick And Thin….

new year

Firstly, a very happy New Year to you dear friends. Rather later in the day you might say? Well, as they rightfully proclaim, ‘Man proposes and God disposes.’ I had plans for the 2013 year-end like any other person wanting to end the year on high hopes, waiting wishes and longing love and laughter. And although I may have not had a 100% fulfilling 2013 I did want to reflect, re-design and rejuvenate resolutions for the New Year 2014.

But, it was not to be. My husband awoke to very high fever and terrible bone pain one morning. He was nursed back to health only to find his wife (yeah, me) with the same kind of body wrenching symptoms. Agreed that we are still in love with one another after so many years of marriage. Agreed that we do tend to pick up certain random thoughts popping up in each other’s minds. Agreed that we had promised during our wedding rituals to share each other’s joy and sorrow but, to fall seriously ill when the other has only just recovered and for the same illness?
Well, to cut a long story short, we both husband and wife, in thick and thin tested to dengue fever. Yes, dengue which had no medicine. Yes, dengue which could only be borne patiently to recover. Yes, the fever that almost did us down. Only our teenage son’s presence in our home kept us from giving up completely.

I have never had broken bones ever in my life. So, when this bone hammering machine entered into my delicate frame it was something I just could not bear. My mind was no help either as it kind of just blanked out with all that fever and pain. It felt as though I had enough cells in my brain only to command me to undergo the rituals for surviving through each day. Even that pained profusely to an extent that the mind refused to even give orders as the body would not obey.

And to top it all, I had a sulking maid who got pissed off because we would not accept her suggestion of a medication. And the kaadha or herbal decoction that we needed to have every 4 to 5 hours was horrible. The pomegranate part (to increase the blood count) was bearable but the papaya leaf eating was terrible. Added to it was the constant fear that our son might get it too. Fortunately, he escaped and we survived although there were no New Year celebrations exhausted as we were falling sick, recovering, coming to terms with weakness of mind, body and spirit.

The good thing is that both, hubby and I look slimmer now. The joint pains do join together at times to regale me. Sitting or standing for long in one position is difficult at times. I am told this will continue for a while. Thankfully, my husband is spared that pain (the stronger one you see!). But, I am thankful that the main misery is over. And, some of the resolutions for the New Year (which I could not make due to the illness) quite naturally came up on the horizon:

• Learn to be thankful for the little that you have (people suffer much more)
• Take care of your human frame (it does not get stronger with age)
• Realize that you have to bear your share of pain (nobody can do it for you)
• Believe that whatever happens takes place for the best (maybe, a lot of bad karma was burnt during the entire process of suffering)
• The blessings and good wishes of people never go unanswered (thank you dear friends)

P.S. I suppose the Almighty realized that we had suffered enough so He did arrange a surprise for us late in the day. About that, in another post. Bye till then. Have a lovely happy and healthy New Year…
God Bless.

20 thoughts on “Through Thick And Thin….

  1. May 2014 be a healthier and happier year for you and your family too Shail.Thankfully and hopefully you are over it.My younger boy had it too and needed to be hospitalized.So know what you must have gone thru. Happy new year and God bless too

  2. Happy New Year and hope the year will bring happiness and the joys will be all the more sweeter and better coz of all the pain you suffered during the last year 🙂

    1. Hi Sapna. Yes, I hope the same too. Although I must remember to always remember the pain to appreciate the little joys that I shall be getting in the New Year. Good wishes to you too.

  3. Hi Shail

    Wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2014. It is sad to hear that you had to go through so much but it is definetely wonderful to see you back in action. Every experience only makes us a tad bit stronger and your faith a lot deeper.

    1. Thanks to Almighty. I wish you live long. It will be helpful for us to see your valuable articles. Once again thanks God.

  4. Dear Shail,
    I am so sorry. One of my friends had it too and it took a severe toll of her. She’s doing much better now. Having undergone major surgery myself I can well empathize with your plight. But I know you will come through, the brave person that you are. Take care.

  5. May God Almighty bestow His blessings upon you and your family…
    When you mailed me, I never thought it was this much severe. Stay strong and take care…
    Best Wishes,

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