India · It could be Verse

If He Could, We Can!

The bald head,
those branded spherical spectacles,
the white loin cloth and that lean long stick –
we identify so much with all those that symbolized freedom.

Even today, when all seems lost
when law and order is just a line on paper,
when conscience is only a fashionable word
to decorate self help journals,
the brisk steps marching with hope
seem the only way out.

If he could do it without a drop of blood or wounding word
so can we, I think.
If an entire captive nation’s self-respect can be snatched back without malice and mire
so can we retain our self-respect
without resorting to hatred and hurt.

Ideals and values may appear
old-fashioned ideas
but when the boat rocks violently
amidst waves of shallow modern living
these symbols of peace and principle drive us
safely back to the shore.


Remembering the senior citizen
who makes us feel alive
years after he has gone,
Let us live life the way
he always wanted –
simple, joyously and with self-respect.


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