Interested in the Secrets of the Dark? Here is a Review of the Book

Book Title: The Secrets of the Darksecrets
Author: Arka Chakrabarti
Publication: Shrishti Publishers and Distributors
Price: Rs 195
Pages: 342

“Agni knew the pain, strange, heartless and searing. It charred him every time like the fire that destroyed his only family.” “They loved you more than you could ever imagine and I know they also knew how much you loved them. Let us only remember them in our happiness and not in our grief. Let them stay as beautiful in our memories as they were in the real life,” Agni managed to say, but in his heart he knew he needed vengeance to wash that taint away.

Fantasy, historical fiction and a fantastic sense of imagination make this book what it is. For a 25 year old author, Arka Chakrabarthi has done a remarkable job of letting loose his imagination and his literary skills.
Before I write anything further about the novel, its plots and its characters – one thing needs to be specified – if you are not a fantasy fiction fan or disbelieve in the unimaginable magical powers of certain forces then, this book is certainly not for you!


The land of Gaya serves as an excellent backdrop for this intriguingly mysterious novel. Gaya is separated into two large continents – The Land of the Rising Sun and The Land of The Setting Sun.

Agni is the main protagonist of this novel. Son of King Arkansas and Queen Serene born at Athena, he is in danger of being snatched away by ‘The Dark Guardians’ since a Law of Ascension does not permit a son to be born (however queer that may sound!). So, he is transported to The Land of The Rising Sun and he grows up as handsome Agni with his friends Vrish and Prince Yama.

It is during the Festival of Trinetra that Agni’s and Vrish’s peaceful and happy go-lucky lives are destroyed. Vrish’s sister Malini whom Agni loved dearly and father Briksha (the same merchant who helped baby Agni escape from the clutches of The Dark Guardians) are killed in a mysterious fire. And Agni is left with a pendent and a mysterious symbol drawn in blood by the dying Malini. It is now that Agni’s and Vrish’s journey of vengeance commences. The place of Nisarga is where the events unfold and one by one, the mystery is unravelled.

I am tempted to write more but that would mean tampering with the interested reader’s enthusiasm. This said, I only wish that the book had fewer characters as they tend to mislead you as they draw you much against your will within the mystery of this brilliantly narrated fantasy tale.

So, will Agni and Vrish succeed in their mission?

Or will they permit their past to drown them in an unending saga of revenge, hatred and cynicism?
Read on to know more.
Kudos to the author for weaving this wonderful book of mysterious characters and unimaginable tale of mystical prophecies! For those desirous to get lost in such an enticing world, this is THE book!

Arka Chakrabarti  is a Commerce graduate  from Heramba Chandra College and is passionate about reading fantasy novels. This is debut novel. arka chakra barthi


4 thoughts on “Interested in the Secrets of the Dark? Here is a Review of the Book

  1. Arka Chakrabarti, author of the above reviewed book’s message to me via email:


    I am glad that you liked the book and took out the time to read it. I thank you for the wonderful review. I am already working on the next installment of the saga, hopefully it will be able to live up to your expectation. I thank you again.


    Arka Chakrabarti

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