Product: Mint
Name: Mint-o Ultramintz
Brand: ITC Limited
Weight: 12g
Form: Pellets
Price: Rs 50
No. Of pellets: 60

“Allow us to tell you a bit about mint-O Ultramintz. It is the latest offering from ITC and is designed for discerning people like you.


Each mint is laced with peppermint oil, imported from France, and is made from the finest quality of menthol.
It is powered by speciality cooling compounds for unimaginable cooling.
What’s more, they are sugar-free so you can enjoy them without worrying about calories.”


Are you calorie conscious? And love mint too?
Are you guilty of popping in huge sized mints at the drop of a pin? And then, worry to no end about the sugar and calorie increase?
Well, here is a mint that is calorie conscious and sugar free too!


Before I actually dive into the description aspect of the product I must acknowledge and appreciate the marketing strategy employed by ITC Limited. That package that arrived home with my name printed on the transparent sheet wrapping the mint boxes had me impressed! As I opened the blue cardboard box wondering what was so very exquisite about these sugar free lozenges, I was pleasantly surprised to see a cute little box seated snugly on a black satin bed. Making a product is one thing. Selling it in an impressive and aesthetic style is something else all together!

I bent forward and opened the little BIB – Box In Black (how do you like the name I invented?) and out rolled a little white peppermint ball. I eagerly laid it on my tongue wondering what difference would such a tiny little menthol ball do? As if in response to my thought, the mint just spread its tingling taste in my mouth and even before I could say Ooh La! La! It had melted leaving me wanting some more!

For those expecting something non-minty in the Mint -O Ultramintz, please do not deceive yourself. It is mint all right and of the right kind. Just enough that is needed for one little pop into your mouth. So, you get what you want and need. There is no necessity at all to keep rolling it in your mouth, impatiently wait for it to melt and disappear. What adds charm to this special mint is that it is stated to be zero sugar mint with menthol that uses the ‘best peppermint oils from France.

Now, isn’t that lovely?

The only deterrent is that the cute little BIB with its even cuter 60 pellets are too tiny to satiate one’s desire at one go. So, stay warned. Or else, you might empty the calorie conscious, sugar free extra strong peppermint in a jiffy. Then, don’t tell me, I didn’t warn you!!

“I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda”


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