Knock! Knock! What Do You Want To Become In Life?


“Beta, what do you want to become when you grow up?” a question asked to a child many a time.

The first time my little son was asked this question, he wanted to become a ‘big man like Papa.’ Smiles spread all around although everyone knew what the little kid meant – to grow up big in size like his father. My husband smiled the widest and the little son was happy to see everyone happy!

The next time my son was asked this question, he had already begun frequenting the tailor’s shop with his mother every now and then. The sewing machines, the sound, the power that came of them, the colourful pieces of cloth that the tailor so generously gave to him made my son get fascinated with the profession of tailoring. His response made people laugh and he enjoyed that because at this stage in his life he was beginning to understand the nuances of entertaining people! This carried on for a few years. I even joked amidst friendly get-togethers that I asked my son to say fashion designer and not tailor. A stereotype reaction, I would say.

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