Ten Shades Of Life – Fablery : A Book Review

Ten shadesBook Title: Ten Shades of Life

Editor: Nethra A

Publication: Mahaveer Publishers

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 240

Price: 139/-

“The sky was a purple bruise over the dark Gomti river. He wanted her desperately tonight. Time stood by and watched him, as he lay down on the sand and stared at the velvet sky above. The stars twinkling there reminded him of the glittering lights that would adorn her huge mansion tonight. Through a film of tears, he saw the stars move from their places and drop upon him like liquid fire. His eyes burned, his heart was ablaze, kindled perhaps by the fire before which she sat, in her red and gold silk lehenga. Silk on silk, he would say, every time she had draped a silken sari around her silky form. He could never have afforded one. But, that had never deterred him. He would drape her form with gossamer words, he had said, or with velvet kisses.”

Having always been fond of stories, I wasn’t going to permit this beautiful story collection from Fablery to pass me by. The fact that all the stories belonged to different genres made reading this collection all the more interesting!

Ten extremely good stories narrated by writers who know their job well. All the writers have made their respective stories so enticing that it becomes difficult to put the book down. So, where you come across chilling tales like in ‘The Incarnadines’  by Cheyenne Mitchell and ‘Weekend in the Country’ by Bruce Memblatt, you also get to read lovely love stories like in ‘Red and Gold’ by Monika Pant.

Each story is different because it catches the imagination of the reader in the manner in which it is narrated apart from the fact that the theme chosen is out of the ordinary. ‘Barren Harvest’ by Vinaya Swapnil Bhagat is one such story where the issue of global warming is merged with the lives of humans after the much predicted end of the world. ‘Harry’s Bluff’ by Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan is a tale about goons and their humane aspirations while Reshmy Pillai’s ‘The Secret of Ahiraah’ is a well written piece of historical fiction. ‘A Good Day To Die’ dwells on the life of a firefighter written by Rahul Biswas. ‘Where Did You Go?’ by Deepa Duraisamy is about baby swapping. ‘Something Like That’ by Shankar Raman A stood out for its comical cynicism while ‘A Nootropic Egress’ by Kartick L was an interesting take on the UFO.

All the stories carry you into different worlds.

Due credit must be given to Nethra A for editing such a fine book.  Hats off to the writers! For all those story readers wanting a taste of something different, ‘TEN SHADES OF LIFE’ is THE book!


4 thoughts on “Ten Shades Of Life – Fablery : A Book Review

  1. Am still waiting for my copy. Guess it needs follow up with the courier guys. After reading your review now I am waiting more eagerly

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