Truly, Madly, Deeply : A BOOK REVIEW

Book Title: Truly, Madly, DeeplyTruly madly deeply

Author: Faraaz Kazi

Publication: Mahaveer Publishers

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 310

Price:  150/-

I thought I had had my fill of love stories written by Indian authors. Which writer could narrate a love tale any better? Which writer could express his emotions more eloquently than the previous one? Well! Here is the writer – Faraaz Kazi.

Reviewing a book is a personal experience especially when there is an immediate connection between character and reader. Reading and reviewing ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ has been an experience that I have savored because the author, without going overboard has etched the character of the protagonist Rahul in a truly realistic manner.

As you read the novel, over a period of time, you do not even realize when the protagonist and you have become one! The emotion of love is always interpreted differently depending upon the experience one has gone through. And, every person in love undergoes a unique experience. Rahul’s experience is exactly that. Pining for one’s love, recollecting the happy memories, longing for the days gone by, re-living the good ol’ times – Faraaz Kazi has practically lived it all as the lines in his book reveal.

“Rahul softy closed the diary between his fingers and laid down his head on the hardbound book, the scenes replaying in his head. He did not enjoy them because he wanted to relive them, yet he appreciated them because they were all he had. It was like watching a movie being played on the blank screen of his mind; the only difference was that he did not get bored, no matter how many times he watched it.”

In a way, the protagonist’s journey through life with and without his lady love, Seema is like the journey most of us have to take some time or the other in life. It is a journey of reflection with thoughts of the beloved. It is a journey of realization that life does not always run the way we want it to. It is a journey of desire, with the will to carry on despite all odds with hope and love in one’s heart.

I truly and deeply liked Faraaz Kazi’s ‘Memoirs of a broken heart’s first love’ because the grace with which the author makes the protagonist go through life is beautiful. The same is to be said of the author’s style of writing.

Love never comes with a brochure of rules and regulations, a prospectus with guides of what is acceptable and what is abominable. It’s a standard to follow your heart and that’s what I did and if doing that hurt you, then I’m sorry…sorry for coming in your life and wasting your time, for causing you an anguish so great that you cannot bear the sight of me. Today, I am proud to stand up and honour myself and proclaim to the world….yes, I loved someone more than myself. I loved someone truly, madly, deeply!” Rahul trailed off, his voice cracking.

A lot has been spoken about the book in literary circles already. Proof enough that you need to have a read of this book!


A certified soft-skills trainer and a three-time post grad, Faraaz Kazi operates his own academy in Mumbai and is the Founder/CEO of Digi Imprint Solutions, India’s first exclusive promotional agency for authors and publisher. He also consults for a few public relations firms and publishing houses. He is fondly referred to as “The Young Marketer” and operates a revolutionary blog with the same name and writes for major media houses. He is a fellow member of the esteemed “Film Writers Association of India”. “Truly Madly Deeply”, his debut mainstream romance novel is the only Indian book to be nominated in seven categories of the Goodreads annual readers’ choice awards and is also the only Indian book in the ‘Top 100 YA Global Fiction’ list.


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