TANTRA: A Book Review

Book Title: Tantratantra

Author: Adi

Publication: Apeejay Stya Publishing

Pages: 335

Price: 195/-

“And the Lakshman Rekha will protect you?” Anu said, giving Amit a sideways glance.

“Protect all of us in it. Lakshman used this to try and protect Sita in the Ramayana. This is old tradition, these lines made cannot be crossed, physically, mentally, or spiritually.”

Is this guy for real? Spiritual lines and force fields?  Anu was beginning to regret coming. She knew the spirit world was active, but this was a little insane.”

I had heard about the night demons when I was little. More as horror stories narrated by terrorizing cousins! Later, much later I was to read about spirits, about the astral world where souls (good and bad) roamed making visits to the mortal world.

When I got my hands on Adi’s Tantra, it brought to life all that I had heard and read about – evil spirits, people practicing black magic and tantra.

“People hear of tantra on television shows, horror movies, even news magazines. There is much myth, much confusion….Tantric is different. It is wild, untamed. Its ceremonies cross the mores of general society…”

The protagonist, Anu Agarwal is a professional vampire slayer. With a deadly experience in vampire killing in New York City, she is now in New Delhi to find the murderer of the person she loved the most in her life.  But, life in New Delhi is another ball game altogether. The vampires are different and Anu soon finds out that she has a lot on her hands when children frequently start disappearing and the needle begins to point towards tantric rites. The rakshas hunt requires her to master other measures, something that she would not have in her wildest dreams ever imagined.

“In all the great battles of old, the true warriors – the Maharatis, as they were called – fought not with weapons of ordinary stature. They imbued their arrows, swords, spears, all sorts of battlefield equipment with potent spiritual power. These are called astras. Today, people think they were special weapons given by the gods…They channeled the intent of the doer into spiritual form and charged the weapon.”

So, would Anu succeed against such tantric powers in saving the children? Would she discover the killer of her friend? Would she slay dangerous Indian vampires? Read this and more in this highly engrossing tale. Hats off to the author Adi for keeping believers and non-believers alike interested in this fictional story about vampires and tantra. For those interested in a tale that surfs into the world of the beyond, this is a great book making one realize that…

“…the ball in” one’s  “chest was just a tangle of” one’s “emotions, the place where” one’s “deepest memories had been squeezed together so that” one “could avoid feeling them. Rather than yanking at the ball,” one “ tried to see where all the threads went….” One “had thought that maya was just” one’s  “past experiences, pools of nostalgia” one “could swim in. She now understood the magnitude of the illusion….”

Adi is a science graduate of Stanford University with an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He seems to have decided to put his education to the best use possible by writing fantasy fiction.




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