The Untrodden Ways- Blood Stained Story of a Scientist: A Book Review

Book: The Untrodden Ways – Blood Stained Story Of A Scientist

Author: Sneha Gupta

Publication: Self Published

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 144

Price : Rs. 100

ISBN: 978-93-5087-149-2

“And as he saw, her skin started splitting. It seemed as if small pea sized bombs were exploding at every inch all across her body including her face too. Her wheatish colour rapidly changed into black. Her canines broke the barrier of her lips. Her nails sprouted like spades. Her body mass increased tearing her clothes. And he witnessed the comely looking girl getting converted into a beast.”

“Spine Chilling Intense Thriller” is what the author calls her book and it is exactly that. It took me back to my late school days when horror movies intrigued me and I watched any and every kind of spine chilling movie that attempted to scare me. Maybe, it was my adolescent way of challenging my senses. So, it was blood, beast, claws, vampire and what not! Gradually, as I grew older, I realized that I needn’t have to watch such kind of movies to challenge my fears.

Sneha Gupta’s book is precisely about one such similar themed book which traverses the life of a young woman scientist on her way to discovering something unheard of in the field of scientific developments. Just as she appears to be victorious in her experiments, her personal life falls apart. What follows is the crux of the novel. Even as the reader thinks that things will get better for the heroine, destiny takes her elsewhere.

“There is nothing more uncertain than life. No matter how much we worship day and night, no matter how many rituals we do to please our lords. But still, our destiny cannot change. The things are pre-destined in our life and are as sure to happen as the rising and setting of the sun. A normal person…undergoes struggles in his life…starts cursing everyone. But those who are thrown on to the untrodden ways of life cannot even complain.”

For a second novel, Sneha has done a good job. The power and plotting that accompany the novel are simply great considering the fact that the author is all of 22 years old. Maybe, her introvert nature “Sneha keeps a distance from everybody and acquaints only those who are compatible enough’ which is mentioned in the About the Author details could have resulted in her unique imagination working over time. Definitely not a stereotype story.

For those interested in a gory scientific tale, this is THE book!




Sneha Gupta works with State Bank Of India. She is a graduate from the B. R. A. Bihar University, Centre For Distance Education. She hails from Lalganj, a town in the district Vaishali of the state Bihar. Sneha has a passion for writing and she writes in every genre including poems, short stories, irony and ghazals. Her other interests are photography and instrumental music. ‘For What You Are’ is her first book.


4 thoughts on “The Untrodden Ways- Blood Stained Story of a Scientist: A Book Review

  1. Writing itself is a great venture! Writing novel or other forms of books and publishing it may be a strenuous job; but getting successfully reach readers and finding favours with them is greater than all things done before that stage indeed! With further efforts in writing after the first one will only show where the author’s real stand can be in this field of job!

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