I Wrote Your Name In The Sky : A Book Review

Book: I Wrote Your Name In The Sky And Yours and Yours toonikhil chandwani

Author: Nikhil Chandwani

Publication:  Power Publishers

Pages: 100

Price : Rs. 150

ISBN: 978-93-82070-23-8

A font should not betray an author’s mindset. Nor, should one be prejudiced by a type of font used in a novel. Both seem to apply to author Nikhil Chandwani’s book for me at least! The font used in the book prepared me for a light book, not too much pressure required for the grey cells. The book instead, is a self realization journal of a teenager on his way to discovering and satiating the sexual urges within! How fruitful is the journey is what the book is basically about. The author is the protagonist of the novel and is just stepping into adulthood.


“When a girl misunderstands your lust as love, is she dumb or are you a cheat?”

Now, that is a subjective question, varying from person to person. So, it implies that if a man is out to have sex and not love, then he is a cheat and the woman he wants it from is dumb!

“Sex is no different from rape.

Rape is a forced sex.

And sex is a rape of feelings and emotions.”

Many have this confused stance about love and lust. Intimate physical contact or sex for them can never be an expression of love – just rape.

“Blaming a girl is the easiest way to escape guilt after failing games…”

Wow! So easy to cover up an act of failure! If only it was so easy…

 The above mentioned Wisdom Quotes from Nikhil’s book are intended to enlighten the readers! While Nikhil does succeed in honestly putting lusty thoughts on paper, he forgets that the book is not just a personal diary but a book put up for readers to read and enjoy. His innumerable sexual escapades are justified as an ‘awe-inspiring teenage journey’ to ‘check out why cheats exist,’ to ‘check out why people break hearts.’

Due credit must be of course given to the author for using the print medium to give readers a glaring insight into the mind and world of a sex starved teenager. As Nikhil rightly points out – the book is ‘full of confusion, lust, romance and love in the universe of teenagers.’

Read the book if lust forms a top priority on your list.


Nikhil Chandwani is a writer from Nagpur currently pursuing his engineering degree at Vellore. His work has appeared in many magazines and newspapers. He is a poet, public speaker and lyricist too. 


2 thoughts on “I Wrote Your Name In The Sky : A Book Review

  1. Love is selfless act whereas lust is selfish act ! Discussion on this matter by a novel indeed will be interesting and clarifying the readers to be correct in one’s approach as far as sex is concerned in life! Hope this novel satisfies the curiosity of readers in the right direction!

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