Engines Of The Mind: A BOOK REVIEW

Book:  Engines of the Mind

Author: M.K. Kirti

Publication: Power Publishers

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 236

Price: Rs. 299

ISBN: 978-93-82070-71-9

I knew what I was getting into when the book reached me. With at title that was obviously related to the functioning of the mind, I couldn’t possibly expect a story that was simple, quite unlike the complex brain. The fact that the author, M.K.Kirti could create a plot interspersed within the complexities of the human mind and keep the story running smoothly is something to be really appreciated.

So, you have Hari, the protagonist, an IT professional implementing, “sophisticated algorithms for analysis of neural data and computation of the stimulation parameters” – whatever that is supposed to mean. As a person not very familiar with highly technological /scientific terms, it took me a while before my simple brain could decipher and understand the codes that went into the unraveling of the plot!

“Although the technical underpinnings were kind of abstruse for the layman, the essence of the procedure was fairly straightforward….The neural signature thereby created, in conjunction with the EEG, would then be mapped to a set of pre-calibrated data models that in turn would enable the technicians to design the appropriate treatment plan…”

In comes an actress prone to mood swings who gets treated by one such mode of treatment in a clinic where Hari is the employee. Being a fan of the actress, he gets unduly involved in the process and consequently gets dragged into situations much against his will and that’s when his life turns upside down.

The book basically deals with the complexities of the human mind and how it can be simply manipulated with the aid of advanced norms of science and technology.

“All our prejudices and proclivities are shaped by our environment, experiences and of course guided by our own innate attributions encapsulated in our genes. …”

“So, you are saying that modern brain mapping methods can join hands with software technologies to forge these associations?”

“It is inordinately complex, and poses a monumental challenge for the most brilliant mathematicians and neuroscientists to work out these multi-dimensional associations. But by blending theory and practice, these Frisson guys had found a way to cheat the brain to make the desired associations even though for a brief period.”

For those interested in scientific and technological related fiction, this medical thriller could prove to be very interesting. For those wanting a light read, this is not your book.

Engines of the Mind is a valiant effort to re-consider the experiments that scientists make in the name of advancement.

M.K Kirti is a Bangalorean working in a leading IT company. He took to story writing as a pleasurable activity recently, though he had a passion for it since his college days. He enjoys reading, travelling, cricket and watching movies. He has considerable experience in the Healthcare space, which constitutes the backdrop for this novel.



7 thoughts on “Engines Of The Mind: A BOOK REVIEW

  1. The complex brain having engines to do searching as our computer engines do is always interesting to know about! A book on this subject in the story form should have to be interesting to the curious mind; but it won’t be so attractive to other ordinary romantic type of book lovers it seems! Anyway it is something new to the reading audience!

    1. Hi Ramesh,

      The novel is not about technology alone. Human emotion also constitutes a significant part. One doesn’t need to be tech savvy or have any understanding of neuroscience to appreciate the novel. Some of my HR colleagues have liked it.


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