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Mothering Changes and Challenges


Mothering Today – Changes and Challenges

Being a mother in today’s hyper active, awareness-conscious and information-splurging world can be a real challenge. Even an ordeal! The emotional relationship that used to exist between mother and child is fast disappearing. What we have instead is a mother trying hard to keep up with the influence and activity levels of her child. And the child, attempting even harder to break its cozy cocoon of values, ideas and influences in order to surf the world on its own.

While most of us mothers have a glorifying and maternal image of OUR mothers, the same does not hold true of today’s children. While they may look up to us for advice and suggestions in their very early years, we find that they discover our clay feet faster than expected! And, when that happens, the ordeal of rebellious behaviour, query-evading and ‘I want to live life my way’ attitude commences.

While, in some way, it is good that our fledglings are spreading their wings (read: maturing faster, awareness quotient is evolving quicker) but, in the process, aren’t they losing out on certain aspects of natural childhood? Being a mother today, to such children is not easy. These children question every move you make. These kids suspect the stands you take in life. These children, over a period of time, begin to think of you only as suppliers – of food, of money, of necessities. So, where does that leave a child’s emotion for a mother – pure and undiluted?

With the internet slyly seeping into the fabric of our lives, television channels eating away into our daily moments and values descending the doorway of deterioration, what can today’s mother do?

On the other hand, what is it that a mother cannot do? History is proof of the fact that when a mother decides to set things right, she will scale any number of mountains or dive down into the depths of the deepest oceans. So, what are a few challenges and obstacles or, even some setbacks as far as mothering a child in today’s world is concerned?

The only way out to successful and satisfying motherhood is to be a careful, carefree and non-nagging supervisor to our children.

The only way out to a less disillusioning and happier motherhood is to be aware of the interests of our children which need not be the same ones which we had as children. And, try to get interested in these likes of our children how much ever we may dislike it (unless of course, if it is harmful!). This way, we can be armed to face any unexpected changes or challenges in the lives of our children and us.

Let’s gear up to make mothering a happy experience!

 This post is for the Indusladies 4th Annual International Women’s Day Blog Contest

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