My Moonlit Pilgrimage: A Book Review

Book: My Moonlit Pilgrimage

Author: Dr. Sasiprabha Ps

Publication: Power Publishers

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 250

ISBN: 978-93-82070-53-5

“Man, this is what love is! It cannot be denied. The true sense of love cannot be altered or destroyed. Open your love and you will move from being a victim to fully empowered by its essence at once. Even if some peripheral experiences give you the illusion of being hurt, the true being of love is untouchable and will remain perfectly intact. Though the pain that you experience is undeniable, it only fuels the understanding that you are in love.”

You know, sometimes, love is best expressed when silent. The same holds true for the protagonist of this book, My Moonlit Pilgrimage who gets into a relationship and is consequently deceived. The first half of the book talks about her interaction with her friend – the description in prose descends to such poetic heights that at times, it becomes difficult for the reader to decipher the passion and intensity of it all.

“At the next midnight, even the insane aroma of my favourite white roses on the table could not conquer the cerise shade of a mysterious whim on my ochre heart to walk a little closer to the night sky on the terrace. Melodies gushed from the joyful crickets fell rhythmically on my eardrums and vibrated them as never before.”

The second half of the book is about the inner turmoil, conflict and suffering of the protagonist. And finally, her journey of self-realization.  The book begins with lines of verse and ends with a poem. Interspersed in the book are some colourful photographs of nature’s bounty.

My Moonlit Pilgrimage is Dr. Sasiprabha’s “quest through the moments that I lived with my love,” a love that remains an intense emotion in her heart and soul and reflects in the pages of the book.

Not the stereotype kind of book.

Sasiprabha is pursuing her internship at Govt. Ayurveda College, Trivandrum.


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