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Love Across The Borders: A Book Review

Book: Love Across the Borders

Author: Sudama Chandra Panigrahi

Publication: All About Books Global

Pages: 240

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 978-81-925690-0-0

A beautiful story. A wonderful theme about love blooming amidst India-China border conflicts. Love sprouting between an Indian man and a Chinese woman. What more can a new novel with a new theme ask for?

The author must be truly appreciated for his choice of theme. With innumerable books on stereotype love, romance and violence crowding the Indian literary world now-a-days, Love Across The Borders does stand out. With the chapters mentioned in the contents section, one kind of gets an idea about how the book will proceed.

Jia, a Chinese girl falls in love with Jivan, an Indian boy. Love blooms amidst growing conflict between both their countries, China and India. Their love cements all the same amidst prejudiced emotions about nationality of love, of subjective thoughts about how love should be.

“Jivan, da (elder brother) what do I hear, you want to marry a Chinese doll?” Amita asked straightaway.

“How come you take such an irresponsible decision? Can I sit with my neighbours?”

Jivan stared and said, “So, I’ll not marry her and allow you to sit with your so-called bitching neighbouring women, good joke.” He smirked.

“There are plenty of Bengali girls, you could have chosen one, but…” she paused.

Despite all misunderstandings and separation caused by society, Jia and Jivan meet, talk and dream of a future together.  But, will this union ever happen?

“Hmn…it’s a shame on us, how come an Indian boy loves a Chinese girl?”

“Yes, I saw. Insult to the Chinese community.”

So, will two countries who have yet to resolve their differences even after so many years permit their citizens to convert their dreams of love into a reality? Will they allow two lovers to get together in a world where love sees no boundaries, no conflicts?

The author, Sudama Chandra Panigrahi has portrayed his thoughts and emotions on Sino-Indian conflict well through the eyes of the protagonists.

Unfortunately, the language used to express it all tends to linger more on mental images rather than easily communicative diction. So, the effect of conversations tend to wear off sooner than one can imagine. The charm, the passion, the hurt, the burning desire, the courage that is portrayed in the novel  does not last long enough for the reader to savour it and feel it himself/herself.

This said,  for a debut novel Panigrahi’s is a good effort.

4 thoughts on “Love Across The Borders: A Book Review

  1. Well a friend of ours has been happily married to a Chinese girl for the past twenty five years or so…they divide their time between Bangalore and Calcutta ..and have a lovely daughter too

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