The hapless demise of helplessness

He was in trouble, real trouble. This much I could see. He ran here and there trying to protect himself from something he himself did not know, understand or see. His mind was going haywire, his body in pain, and thoughts, well, the less said the better. The vehicles on the road appeared scary. He ran into a place which seemed desolate. Stairs appeared before him. He climbed them all till he could climb no more. Suddenly, a dog appeared before him from nowhere. Its bark tormented him, scared him and reminded him of what he was and what he had become. In desperation he scratched the dog leaving the dog scamper away howling.

A door opened. A man appeared. Startled to see this creature he made attempts to shut the door but he had already made his way inside. Shouted at, abused, he was forcibly pushed out. Yet, another haven of peace was snatched from him. His brain was no longer obeying his orders. He scampered away to the terrace, to a corner while someone slyly locked the door from the outside.

Two days passed. No food, without water, hurt, humiliated, in pain, his life was just plain hell. And nobody understood. All he could hear were sounds that screamed in his brain increasing his pain and confusion.

One fine morning the door to the terrace opened. Maybe, his saviour was there. Maybe, he was going to get a second chance to live life again, happily. But, it was not to be. The assistants of Death were there shouting, shaking that big strangulating loop of rope before him. He ran for his life. The deadly loop just missed him. They hurled stones at him. He ran again. This time, the loop did its job and he was caught by the neck, hurled in the air. He choked, gasped for breath. His eyes  red from disease, fear and incoming death held no appeal to the Warriors of Death. They saw no mercy. They showed no kindness. They wanted the job done. They wanted no hassle. They did not want to come in the way of death. If only they knew that this dying creature wanted to embrace life as much as they did!

While he lay hanging in mid air with the loop tightening around his neck, one of the Death Warriors picked up his weapon, a heavy log. He brought it with all his force on the back of the dying creature’s head. One hit. Twice. Thrice. One more time till he could hit no more and the body lay limp.

Unceremoniously, his body was dragged down the stairs. People peeped from their windows, some jeering, some scared to see death at close quarters. On the ground, he lay bleeding, his body in spasms. No one to love, no one to pat him, no one to even bid farewell. Someone hurled a prayer from a window. It hit him just before darkness filled his world forever.

rabid dog

This is a real life incident I witnessed about a rabid dog that ventured into the colony where I currently live. I have heard of dogs being put to sleep when they suffer and are unable to be treated anymore. But, this was the first time I saw a brutal assault on the life of a dog and on my senses for a fault it was not responsible for. Tell me, which dog would want to die so painfully? Which dog would want to suffer from rabies? Agreed, it was a stray dog but, surely there were better means of putting to sleep a dog that could probably harm other dogs, animals and humans? 

I was relieved that my neighbours had not been harmed. I was relieved that I was alive yet, I cried within. Tears flowed unabated and I prayed silently for a better life for the dog that seemed to have worked his karma out or so it seemed.


16 thoughts on “The hapless demise of helplessness

    1. Dear Beyni,
      I cried too when I saw this happen. I cried for the dog, for my helplessness, for the loss of humanity. It angered me when people around justified it all for their safety. I was even criticized for my strong emotions for an animal without bothering to even think about the innumerable people who have suffered and died due to dog bites/rabies.
      It should not have happened the way it did. That’s all I know and understand….

  1. I have witnessed this once in my life. So the moment I reading this I knew what you were referring to. And about the incident I witnessed had a female dog…. so I also saw her puppies being thrown into the air and smashed to the ground in an effort to get her close so that she would come running and they could tie the knot around her neck. I am never going to forget that sight as long as I live 😦

    1. yes… I too have witnessed this once in my life. It was our own dog but a street dog. we sisters and brother … all cried for a longer hours but felt helpless as we were very young. the corporation men came and did all the jobs. so sad… that we will never forget this incident in our life time.

      1. Hi Mala, I can understand what you and your siblings went through. It must have been terrible. At that young age, it must have felt really awful. Such incidents are never ever forgotten ‘cos they hurt so….

    2. Oh dear Ashwathy. That must have been really really cruel. Those little puppies, her babies, what trauma! What we humans can do to save ourselves. Even as I write this my eyes get moist…….

  2. Really shocking to know, Who did this? People from corpn? Unbelievable to know that such things still happen. Some one could have informed blue cross… In our area we have hundreds of street dogs, which are very well looked after by residents. They take turns to feed them. I have seen many people bringing food in their cars and searching for dogs to feed. Nice to see such people also exist…

    1. Yes Hari. People from the corporation. The Blue Cross was called but they expressed their inability to come just for one dog. Here too, stray dogs are never harmed. There is a dog called Jobhi who barks at any stranger who comes inside the colony. She eats whatever people give her. After this incident, we consulted a vet and she was vaccinated for anti rabies and she was treated for her hurt.

    1. Thanks Hari. We belong to the same species as the people who did this so, we share the shame too. Also, the corporation is not updated with better techniques to take care of such cases. That is a real pity in this age of tech savvy society….

    1. Yes Tanuja. It was very painful watching this gruesome act in the name of protecting the human species. I say this knowing fully well that day even my life was in danger. And yet, I couldn’t but feel helpless and let the tears flow.

  3. Very sad 😦 have heard such stories. I’m atleast happy to know that there are many people who are concerned about dogs. Apart from feeding (actually more important than feeding), those who care for our Indian dogs on the streets, should try to get them sterilised. Two-three families can contribute to get one dog spayed/Neutered. Its one time work and life time happiness for the dog. Plus saves many lives from being born.

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