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Have We Destroyed Terror? Completely?

He is gone..

justice has prevailed –

the wrong-doer done away with

but, does the terrorizing trauma trail away?

Frustrating families fatigued with a life

they never wanted,

Still to come to terms 

with a reality that kills every moment

The man is gone

but does that bring back the dead who died innocent?

When is the real evil going to be destroyed?

When are going to kill the devil in us?

(For all the people who lost part of themselves and their loving families on this day.

For a nation confused about delayed justice.

For people lost without hope.)

The Taj terror has terrorised trust
drowning our spirits once again
in the flaming fires of horror, hatred and hurt.
Patting our Indian spirit we shall carry on
but, for how long?
With a nation’s crown in flames
a terrorised country sheds acid tears
that scalds every heart, mind and soul,
burning and hurting much more
than the bombs and bullets
that shower on innocent and hapless souls.
Where do we go from here?
After losing our near and dear?
The blaming game has already begun.
That’s half the fun
for those whose conscience has melted
in cruel, insensitive acts of terror.
Poisonous buds of blooming beasts
are now plaguing our plains.
It is now commonplace to lose someone
in a nasty act of violence
and pray for the spirit to carry on.
Carry on! Where? For how long?
Like dumb dolls
Donning on dunce caps of nonchalance
are we going to push this aside once again
and wait for another act of terror to unsettle us?
The politicians play petty games
to gain brainless votes
and we permit them to do it again and again.
The culprits could be another country, the politicians or the public.
But, there is no point in carrying on.
What we need is a revolution in full form.
Even as we salute all those who valiantly defended us
We need a change.
Even as political heads roll off impotent shoulders
We need a fast flaming transformation.
We need accountability and responsibility.
We need peace for God’s sake!
No terror again. Not again.

13 thoughts on “Have We Destroyed Terror? Completely?

  1. True.. By killing one guy who was just a mere pawn in this heinous act doesn’t do any justice. Not that anything would bring back any happiness to those families who lost their loved ones but to find the real culprits would probably bring a closure to those who suffered a loss.

    1. Hi MuZer,
      Exactly. Justice, that’s a big word which nobody in power seems to understand. Only the ones losing their loved ones realize what it means to get destroyed, to suffer by an enemy they never even knew existed.
      Thanks for sharing MuZer.

  2. Hmm Well we have not destroyed it at all, But this was necessary to show the people that WE will not stand it .. Hopefully one day our leaders will actually get the strength to take these people on for once .. THATS all it needs ..
    India is a big enough nation that if we want , WE can sort this mess out .. IF ONLY our leaders want to ..

    1. Hi Bikram,

      I agree. This act of doing away with the man was needed to send a message across. Yes, our leaders need to have some spine, realize that they cannot take their country for a ride. Everything comes full circle some day…
      Thanks for sharing Bikram…

  3. Kasab was a mere rookie, the real masterminds are still out there. As long as there are people who feel they have been wronged, fundamentalists to brainwash them and unemployed youth who can be trained and set out on such mindless mayhem, I’m afraid terrorism will be hard to wipe out.

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