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Book: Flirting With Fate

Author: Preeti Singh

Publication: Mahaveer Publishers

Pages: 248

Genre: Fiction/Crime

“It was time to sleep; he told his SEEDS as he safely tucked in the money and covered up the box with mud, putting the stones back in place. The owl on the tree hooted aloud, as if in approval.”

“Daily, in the peace of the night, the SEEDS would wait for him. He used to talk to his priceless treasures as they were the ‘seeds’ that helped him grow to be a strong young lad. And they seemed to reply to him as they safely tucked themselves, deep in the earth where Anand would bury them, after visiting them daily.”

Criminal thoughts and desires could not have been portrayed any better. What starts off as a story about an unwanted baby in an orphanage gradually transforms into a tale that torments and teases the human mind. This fascinating book is a combination of the visualization of Pinaki Chaudhuri, a scientist and Preeti Singh the author.

No other book could have travelled into the mind of the main protagonist Anand any better than this. ‘Anand’ means happiness. But, it is this very happiness that eludes him so; he spends his entire life snatching joy from others. A kind of sadistic pleasure to see others getting deprived of something they love so very much and suffer as he does.

It is a fact – many of us tend to do this, maybe, not as ruthlessly as Anand, but subconsicously, as we envy what others have, feeling that we deserve it more.

As one traverses through the tale of Fate and Desire, one is made to make love to Anand’s obstinate thoughts and cruel obsession. The author has sketched the character of Anand so well that one loves Anand and also hates him at the same time.

“Anand, go out in the world, earn money, learn the good ways and then return to win Gauri’s love. You can get into the bed of any girl, but getting into the heart of a woman is the real challenge,” she softly caressed his ear.

Sribehen, Sunita, Miss Joseph, Gauri – all these women deserve the credit for influencing Anand’s passion and desire to acquire love and material success in the world. How ethical are Anand’s means to achieve that end that he so desperately desires is to be seen. Every time Anand trips over the line of truth and goodness, one hopes this is the maximum evil he can do. But no! The author pushes us to the wall with every page, incident and emotion.

Credit must be duly given to Pinaki and Preeti for delving deep into the psyche of a person who longs for more than he deserves or can acquire. Making Fluffy the dog as the watchdog of the story is an appreciable attempt by the author to drive home the fact that as a society, we need to keep our conscience ever alive in order to come out unscatched in the war of hypocrisy, cruelty and selfishness.

There is just one thing I felt that could have been avoided – making use of epilepsy as a punishment. Epilepsy is already a condition misunderstood in Indian society and by making it a “as you sow, so shall you reap kind of thing” one only magnifies the misconceptions that people have of this condition.

Having said that, Flirting With Fate, on the whole delivers what it promises. Karma Does Return Invariably to Haunt.

Definitely an out of the box kind of book!

Kudos to Preeti Singh!

12 thoughts on “FLIRTING WITH FATE: A Book Review

  1. ‘Karma returns’ is an interesting theme and going by your review of the book, it surely seems to be a ‘must read’. 248 pages make the book a quick, easy read 🙂

    1. Hi Sharmaaman,
      Yes, the theme is interesting indeed and the manner in which the author manages to put us into the mind of the protagonist is really appreciable….
      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your views.

  2. The author Preeti Singh’s comments:
    Thank you all for appreciating my work…but the real honesty in the review shown by Shail has triggered in me the fire to write one more book asap….pls do connect with me on my FB profile and let’s live life before Karma returns…

  3. Hi Shail, You are the only one who gave some credit to me. I am happy that someone who is not capable of writing a novel can still get credit for his imagination. Thanks, Pinaki.

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