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Book: Mumbaistan

Author: Piyush Jha

Publication: Rupa Publications India Pvt Ltd.

Pages: 242

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 978-81-291-2017-5


“Naked. Beautiful. Unhinhibited.

Standing on the first-floor balcony of their cottage, she looked every inch an ethereal goddess who had descended on earth to please one man alone. Him. Samir Khanna. Her long hair fluttered in the wind blowing from the sea. The setting sun unleashed and orange sunbeam that seeped through the tiny gap between the buildings opposite the cottage, and lit up the contours of her body.”

Now, don’t you get deceived by the above lines. They do form part of the novel but they are definitely not The story around which Mumbaistan is woven. In fact, the description, “Macabre love stories, conniving cops and hard-boiled slumlords form the backdrop of a schizophrenic city that is brooding…dying” describe the novel in its entirety.

Reading about Piyush Jha’s Mumbaistan before I had actually read the book, I had certainly not been prepared for this powerful book, ready to explode the moment I set my eyes on its chapters gushing through the novel ready to envelope me in its chilling grip.

The book in my hands seemed deadly – ready to kill! Reading its powerful plots, dizzying intentions of well etched out characters and equally interesting situations, I knew that I was not wrong in my presumptions.

When you get to read Mumbaistan, you get a three in one package. The description on the book cover aptly mentions, “3 Explosive Crime Thrillers.” And that is what you get. Three chilling crime stories that keep you pinned to the book. Three powerfully realistic doses of ammunition that threaten your illusionary halo of security.  Three tales of love that defy all labels of vulnerable passion.

The author’s Piyush Jha’s film background is evident everywhere in the book. His love for Mumbai and powers of observation and research make the book run like a movie – non-stop!

“….Rabia had finally been outdone by the only friend she had ever had. Zohra, the simple village girl….Zohra, the prostitute who managed to preserve the inherent goodness inside her, even though she spent a childhood among guns, grenades and RDX.”

Bomb Day, Injectionwala and Coma Man, all three tales delve deep into city life bringing to the surface disguised terror, “chilling medical malpractices” and a man in search of his life awakening from coma after twenty years.

Mumbai, a city of dreams for many. But for others, a nightmare. Behind the façade of lustre and glamour churns a seething underbelly of squalor, corruption and crime.”

For those interested in realistic crime thrillers, this is THE book!

For the others, don’t miss it…..

“Welcome to Mumbaistan: a gritty, compelling take on the megalopolis that lives on the edge.”

4 thoughts on “MUMBAISTAN BY PIYUSH JHA: A Book Review

  1. Thanks so much Shail. I really like your review. Especially, your statement- “The book in my hands seemed deadly – ready to kill” That’s exactly how I intended it to be, so once again, thanks. Your words are much appreciated.

    1. Hi Piyush,

      I am glad that the author of Mumbaistan finds the review of his book great.
      Thanks for dropping in a line of appreciation.
      Hoping to see many more books from you in the near future.
      Best Wishes.

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