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Zero Percentile 2.0 by Neeraj Chhibba





Pages: 257

ISBN: 978-81-291-1920-9

Available at all leading online book stores

Intertwined destinies are a potent of greatness and a place in history unless certain evil destiny’s juggernaut crosses their path.”

“Revenge is a dish best served cold. Hey avenger, don’t forget God always sides with the innocent.”

I really liked these lines in the book! Although I hadn’t read the first book of the author, Zero Percentile 1.0  but it, in no way hampered my reading and enjoying the second book, Zero Percentile 2.0. The plot in the novel is centered around “greed, love, friendship, conspiracy, an attempt to murder and a hostile company take-over bid…”

It is all about the IT sector, so I presume there will be a lot of takers for this book! Also appreciable is the fact that the book just doesn’t concentrate on IT, it also brings into focus issues that our society has to deal with every other day like special child Diyaa and her mother who refuses to come to terms with such a child.  Like HIV afflicted Nitin who is trying hard to suppress his feelings of love for want of infecting another.  Like Jaanvee, abused as a child and finding it hard to step into any kind of personal commitment.

 “It’s when you get close to the furnace that you begin to feel the heat,

And when you know people too closely that relations turn insipid.

Love gained, lost friendship, wisdom realized – all form the crux of the story in a novel that runs like a computer with a fast speed net connection!

I am sure you will enjoy reading this book.


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