Bringing to Life the Nagarvadhu of Vaishali – Amrapali!




Pages: 213

“For every ounce of happiness that the Gods shower upon you, they take away something of equal value. Such is the law of balance which even the Gods have to abide by. So, while Amrapali will bring you all the joy and happiness you can imagine, you need to brace yourself for the accompanying pain and sorrow as well.”

Vijayanthimala Bali as Amrapali was truly enchanting in the movie ages ago. Her beauty was mesmerizing and the character enchanting. Nothing could beat that visual treat or so I had thought. But I was mistaken.

Anurag Anand’s Amrapali rises from the ravishing mound of the written word like a young woman in all her feminine glory and self-respecting valor. When I finally finished reading, The Legend Of Amrapali, I was left wanting for more.

From being that little infant found under the mango tree, Amrapali to the girl of seventeen whom “Nature seems to have luxury, applying generous fills in areas that needed accentuation and remaining tight-fisted with the rest of her structure. Her well defined curves swayed with a tranquil grace when she moved, fuelling an unquenchable thirst and longing among those who dared set their eyes on her.”

From being that young girl who became one with Nature as she danced, to the young woman whose heart ached for the only man she ever loved,

“The ache of losing someone or something when you are so close to making it your own that you can reach out and touch it, is far overbearing than that of losing something you always had or contrastingly had never dreamt of having.”

Anurag Anand’s poetic language grips the senses of the readers making them re-live the life of Amrapali swaying with her emotions, her pain and her ability to come out victorious despite all odds.

Anurag Anand’s book makes the historic apsara-like danseuse Amrapali come alive as she determines where her path lies as the lonely soul, beautiful dancer and the shrewd warrior. The Nagarvadhu of Vaishali, Amrapali leaves nobody unaffected in this ‘enchanting saga buried with the sands of time.’

“Those who suffer without putting up a resistance are as much to blame for their own plight as those who inflict the sufferings upon them.”

Anurag Anand does full justice to this wonderful character ending the novel at a juncture where you are left with all your senses invigorated wanting to know more about this beautiful person and her life.

If a book can do this, it is definitely worth reading! Don’t you think so?


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