Kaniza Garari’s Revelation


 Publication: FROG BOOKS

The sleek and slender book, ‘The September Revelation’ is a simple tale about a young woman Zainab with a past that she cannot forget which invariably becomes an obstacle in her present, refusing to permit her to settle down in life.

With not too many pages to pull you down, the book is a delight to read, something which you can finish reading without straining your nerves. The narrative is smooth, hiccup-free and simple so, you just sail along with the characters.

The book boasts of no hi-funda stuff – just a story which many readers can identify with at some point or the other in their lives. Just some realities that some of us refuse to accept at times even when it stares at us in our faces! Like when the author writes about the protagonist,

“Had she too, in all these years, lived by mere perceptions and evaded reality? Was she not a victim of her own cobwebs who refused to see the world outside the cave – probably ducking deep into another?”

The book is about love, acceptance and denial – all very nicely portrayed.

“They once again reminded him, that she was the silhouette of his life, always at the horizon, hence to own her was never in his destiny. He should be happy by having her forever locked in his memories and cherish the new ones there soon to come his way.”

I am sure you will enjoy reading the book.


8 thoughts on “Kaniza Garari’s Revelation

  1. Nice review. I’ve recently published my debut novel, Shail. It’s available in print from Amazon and in most e-book formats. The publisher is Lucky Bat Books. Title is “Winter is Past.” How do you choose books to review?

    1. Hi Victoria,

      Nice to see you here. Glad you liked the review. The story line of a novel should be exciting. And your book sounds nice. I would love to review your book. You can contact me via email.

  2. Hi Shail,

    Thanks for the book review. Really appreciate the effort.

    thanks once again,

    Kaniza Garari

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