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A Journey of Eternal Love: A Book Review


Book: The Fortune Hunters
Author: Aslam Rahaman
Publication: Leadstart
Genre: Romance

 “It’s useless to sit back and rely on luck and destiny. Destiny also expects us to do something in this regard”

says Amir, the main protagonist of the novel. This also forms the crux of this story.

The plot is about a Muslim-Hindu love story set in India where passions run high as far as inter religious and cross cultural love and marriages are concerned. Inspite of all the advancement in technology and lifestyles, opposition and prejudice persist and this is portrayed well by the author. He has also highlighted the pros and cons of one such love affair and marriage.

Amir, a young Muslim youth and Ragini, a conservative Hindu girl meet by chance, become friends and then, commence a saga of friendship and love. Amir is on his hunt for true love and has to encounter many an unwarranted relationship before he can claim love in its purest form.

Aslam’s novel, ‘The Fortune Hunters’ reflects via its writing the trends, the mindsets and the lifestyle of modern day living. Amidst it all, one also gets the message that if one perseveres then, anything is possible in life and every difficult destination can be reached however torturous the journey.

Narrated simply, the story is indeed about fortune hunters searching for the treasure that would make their lives complete irrespective of the complexities and obstacles that society throws in their path religiously. The plot is simple, easy to read and understand so much so that the book can be read at one go. Try it.

What stands out in this book is the utter simplicity of a tale that crosses all barriers of cast, community, creed and religion and how two people go about carving their destiny together despite all odds.



  1. Aslam Rahaman

    Dear Shail,
    Thanks a lot for your review of my book. Thanks a lot for being liberal and bringing out the positives.

  2. It’s useless to sit back and rely on luck and destiny. Destiny also expects us to do something in this regard

    THat says it alll.. Destiny god they all help those who help themselves .. a lovely book it seems

    • Yes Bikram. God does help those who help themselves. We need to show the initiative to work for change. We just can’t sit helplessly.

      You can have a read.

  3. Thanks Varun.

  4. Thanks 7theaven.

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