Changing Times – Hear the Voice of Your Soul!

Time to Change:  I never ever thought in my wildest of dreams that my pre- teen son would one day tell me that the time I had lived in my teens was ‘ancient period’ (he was actually brushing up on his history portions that time!). I was shocked to say the least because I had not realized that a lot of water had flown under the bridge since then. I had definitely added years to my life but my enthusiasm, zest for life was the same. Okay! maybe, I had slackened a wee bit in my physical movements (I used to walk real fast in my heyday even when there was no need, I remember!) but I still enjoy life you know, the moves, the music, the zing and all. Technically speaking I am still young but then, I realize that…..

… is a period of transformation. A time when everything from needs, tastes, desires, environment, values are all undergoing a sea change. Whether it is for good or for bad, that only time will tell. But, change is indeed happening. The sooner we accept and acknowledge this fact, the better for our nerves, attitudes and well-being!

Every generation changes. What was hep then, is old fashioned today. What is modern and cool today will become stale and dull when the next generation comes up with its own definitions of CHANGE.

Voice of Change : In spite of all the advancement in technology, being techno savvy is all that matters today. Instead of using the technological advancement for good, beneficial use to society and its people ( I am not saying that it is not being done. But then, that is indeed rare and very little) we prefer to make use of it for satiating our very own desires, even transforming luxuries into needs! I would love it if we could use technology developments in places that matter like for example in the villages, in places where people still live without electricity. Now, don’t you think that I am being too idealistic or aspiring for a Miss India, World or Universe title to mouth such desires! I do earnestly believe that the world would be a better place if all of us (and by that I mean all humans) get the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter……

……and education so that we have no discrimination in thought, word and deed. I would love it if women were treated well. In spite of people talking about being broadminded, open and liberal, women continue to be mentally and physically traumatized, thrashing their souls and slaughtering their self respect at the feet of the ones who flaunt their powers to crush the freedom of women. All are born free – men and women then, why should certain laws apply only for the women while men go scot-free after molesting a woman’s soul?

I would love it if women aspire for the stars, not just to replace the position of men in the world. Men will come and go. Women too. But, stars will continue shining forever. Many women, today are transforming into female chauvinists. Committing the same mistakes that men did/do. Nobody has ever succeeded in life in the real sense by usurping another’s evil sense of living. THIS, women need to understand and Change.

I would love it if modern day men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers instill values of goodness, humane emotions and the belief in truth in their children. Today’s children are getting it all, too fast, too much in fact,  at ages they just cannot handle it whether it is time, money or facilities. Don’t make them land up in situations when they just cannot decide what to do with the bounty and go beserk.

I would love it if we displayed even an iota of gratitude for all that nature has given to us unconditionally. Selfishly depleting her resources, we are only paving the way for future graveyards for our coming generations. If only, we attempt to give back something in return however small it may be.

Changing times bring with them increased impatience for instant gratification. 

Changing times bring with them a depletion in values that create our original genuine identities.

Changing times bring with them a desire to let loose emotions that could destroy and diminish the very qualities that determine our existence in this world.

Do Change with the time. It is THE time to change. Be the voice of change. But, don’t attempt to change the voice of your soul. 

Entry for Time To Change


14 thoughts on “Changing Times – Hear the Voice of Your Soul!

  1. Hi Shail,
    “Be the voice of change” is a very thought provoking and contemporary article. Change is the only constant in this universe. So one has to adjust to the changes without contaminating one’s voice of soul. Excellent.
    I am of the firm opinion that technology has to be used more and more to improve the life of the people at large rather than being constantly used for increasing instant gratification of few, but due to market economy of profit being the sole criterion of development, this is not happening. Writers like you can stimulate the thinking in this direction.
    Keep it up, I would like to share my thoughts in deatils sometime on this technology isuue with you.
    With best wishes

  2. Agree with Shernaz Shail. Sometimes i have been tired to write a comment , or not felt like writing one, but please know that i like to read your writing.

    1. Hi Shaila.

      Good to see you here. What to do? The situation is such in the world that the mind and heart can only wish for constructive and positive change. Rest assured I have both my feet on the ground in the real world!

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