Mind Blogs 1.0 : Delving into the minds of the Readers

Title: MIND BLOGS 1.0

Authors: Christina Daniels, Nirmala Govindarajan & Zahid H Javali

Publication: Write Wing Media

What is it makes me want to pick up this book? Well! It’s compact for one. Not just in size but also in the manner it is presented. No hi-funda stuff. Just simple articles and some poetry that touch the heart. And, when you read the book, it’s like “Gosh! That was exactly what I was thinking!” or “How could the author know that I felt the same way?”

Write Wing Media has done a fabulous job of bringing the common man’s/woman’s emotion to the level where it can be shared, reflected upon or even thrashed with everyone/anyone who reads the book. Isn’t this what any genuine writer really aspires for? To have his work given an extra thought, to touch that chord within or even rattle those grey cells lying dormant due to strenuous and mundane living?

Just have a look at these lines written by Nirmala Govindarajan when she says, “…..Doesn’t matter that the cop, who perhaps earns half my salary has just enough to make ends meet. Like many government employees, it’s no fault of his that he aspires to make a buck or two from the owners of splendidly polished cars that often transport one or two people, while occupying large portions of the road. And he doesn’t even have a room to call his own, to rest his polluted lungs, clogged with litres of fume and smoke pumped into the atmosphere…”

Honestly, I never thought of it this way. Although, I sympathized with the traffic policeman on the road, many of them to me were only local goons in uniform or so I thought until I read the above mentioned piece.

Or, when Christina Daniels talks about “Being Alone.”

……You marry.

You have children.

Possibly grandchildren.

You grow old.

But, in all of that, you are always alone.

The only person responsible for yourself is ‘you.’

You need to care for yourself, before someone else


You need to make yourself happy, before anyone

Else will.

Only then can your soul be at peace or even

Experience genuine togetherness.”

Zahid H Javali’s ‘The Before After Man’ was delightfully childlike while in his article, ‘What I’ve Learned’ one realizes that life is all that we make of it, not the other way around. Like when he says,

“You could make a fashion statement by not following it, no one will call you a rebel except the fashion designer whose rules you blatantly violated. So go ahead, live your freedom to ‘be.’”


“Honesty is indeed the best policy. And just when you think it’s not working, go ahead anyway. Backtracking can be more ‘harmful.”

The authors of Mind Blogs 1.0, Christina Daniels, Nirmala Govindarajan and Zahid H Javali have elevated blogs to the level of a book where one can identify with the situations and characters in some way or the other. I guarantee, you will not be left unaffected reading this lovely book. Kudos to the writers and to the concept of bringing blogs to book.

Do remember that this book is not the typical stereotype kind of fanfare.

That is what makes it really stand out!


17 thoughts on “Mind Blogs 1.0 : Delving into the minds of the Readers

  1. very interesting. Actually When i was in bagalore last year .. One of the blogger friends did suggest to put the articles that were liked or read a lot in a short book ..
    and he has done it tooo.. 🙂

    1. Dear Magiceye,

      Yeah! I found many of them interesting too. Mine are not there but hope to come up with them at a later date. It should be available at Flipkart I think.

      Nice of you to drop by.

  2. Hello,Shail ji,
    Nice book review as always by you.where can I get it? In the poem the line ‘but in all
    of that,you are always alone’ is very true.

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