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Woman! Thy Name is Realization… HAPPY WOMAN’S DAY!

        This poem was composed in the year 2010, posted on March 7, 2010 for Woman’s Day. It stands good even today…
    For all those celebrating INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY..


Beautiful woman.

The world searches in you


qualities that it does not possess.

In vain, for ages,

you have been judged,



for things you were not even guilty of.

What the world wants of you

is unconditional emotion

like the waves of the ocean

that come to the shore

pouring out heart, soul and spirit,

not waiting for any reward in return

merging again into the vast waters.


Beautiful woman.

Like Mother Earth

which trembles,

tormented by those she loves,

you keep going back

to give more and more

but, what when the coffers

get emptied?

When there is nothing more

left to give?

Who will soothen the hurt

that ravages your very being?

Will you, like Nature

pour out venom and lashing lava

to get even with the shameless offenders?


Beautiful woman.

There is you,

only You

that can make peace,

make love,

make war.

Your power, only you know,

Not friend, not foe.

Don’t wait for change.

Await not love.

The world knows

only to grab and run.

For them, it’s just sadistic fun.

So, tarry not oh! Woman

before it becomes too late.

March ahead and design your own fate!

14 thoughts on “Woman! Thy Name is Realization… HAPPY WOMAN’S DAY!

  1. Really a good one Shail. I liked the lines ” The world knows only to grab and run.”. This line captures to day’s scenario in a beautiful manner.

    I think Woman are slowly (may be very slowly) asserting their rights, starting to ask some questions.

    Very rarely people apprecitate the selfless service rendered by women. People think it is their duty and demand their service as a matter of right.

    Let us hope that this situation will change in the near future.

  2. hello Shail ji, ‘
    Very beautifully written poem.The lines “not waiting for any reward in return”, well said.As a women need little appreciation,a little love and little respect for her selfless service she render in whole life.
    Wish you Happy Women”s Day for a woman who writes, support,encourage and fight for a women.

    1. Dear Azima,

      Glad you liked the poem and agree with many of the views mentioned… All women do fight for the rights of their families/women in some way or the other. I only pray that they do this with grace…

  3. Absolute truth in the poem. Expectations from a woman are limitless, like a cheque waiting to be encashed forever without any deposits in return.

    1. Dear Indra,

      Yes, I agree. But then, woman thy name is expectation too! Of course, some women do tend to go overboard and commit the same mistakes that they despise in their men. So, we need to be on our guard…

  4. I’m wonderstruck…is it mine or your heart!…I wonder. You’ve echoed every emotion that any woman can ever possibly feel. For me, I know I’ll treasure it always. Thanx for sharing your beautiful mind Shail.

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