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Is the Cyber Bully at Your Door?

This March, an article of mine titled, ” THE GHOST THAT STALKS CYBERSPACE” was published in the magazine, Parent Circle. 

Since most of us seem to babble and dabble in cyber space, this is a relevant issue especially when it can plague children- teenagers and young adults. Here goes:

19 thoughts on “Is the Cyber Bully at Your Door?

  1. The best support for any person being stalked is his/her family.
    I have been lucky that my parents trusted me and let me still be online after a nasty stalking phase. Friends matter too. It is heartening at times to know your friends have not left you in dark alone.

    And nothing but being super careful and very strong willed to fight it helps ..
    God curse these stalkers ! :X :@

    1. Dear Ladynimue, Glad to know that you are out of that cyberstalking web and also happy that friends and family supported you throughout. WIshing more people come out of it and lesser people get caught in this vicious cyberstalking web.
      Thanks for sharing….

  2. Very well written. This must have included quite a lot of research, right?

    It’s a scary world to bring up a child in…and it gets worse by the day 😐 No wonder parents these days remain a paranoid lot… more often than not!

    1. Dear Ashwathy,

      Thanks. Nice that you liked the article. Yes, the article did require a lot of research including talking to some experts too.

      It is indeed a scary world to bring up a child but with caution we can manage. Of course, at the back of our minds, the worry, the fear persists…

  3. hello shail ji,
    very informative article.The pro”s and con”s of cyber stalking is clearly written.The
    teen group need to be informed about cyber stalking since tech gadgets have made internet accessible anywhere anytime.

    1. Hello Azima,

      Glad to see you here. Yes, when we see our children using the net more often than they should we need to be aware and let them know the dangers of cyberstalking….

  4. How true! Cyber crime is happening everyday and these crimes are hidden among young children who never even know they are victims.Only awareness can save them .Well written Mme.Shail.

    1. Hi Uma,

      Yes, you are right. Many children are not even aware that they are being stalked and not all those who are aware know what to do. Awareness is the message of the day for all those who use the internet.

  5. Well the best way is NOt to be friends with someone you dont know .. and not to discuss personal things. Not to meet anyone you dont know and if you are interested then dont go alone.

    There was a good movie i jsut saw a few weeks ago which touched this topic the girl is growing and hides from her parents that she has been talking to a 16 year old american football player , who then turns out to be a 40 year old man and who uses her

    she still thinks its the right thing and is in love and all that ..

    WE need to be careful and talk to our kids and they should have enough support that they ca ntalk with us freely on everything.. IT is a very very BAD world out there let me tell you.. I see it every day.
    what people say on chat is not what htey mean , I have experienced that myself how someone uses you all the while.

    excellent post i hope people read it properly and understand .. and as is mentioned your child may not be stalked but they might be a STALKER themself.

    1. Dear Bikram.

      Nice you liked the article. Yes, I do hope people become more aware of such things. Their child could be stalked or be the stalker himself/herself.

      By the way, what was the name of the movie that you saw about this cyberstalking?

  6. A very timely article. We need more awareness around the topic.

    The anecdote in the beginning describes how real is the threat.

  7. very strong topic u chose which is rarely discussed… the way internet has gained importance in our lives in past few years. It has revolutionized the way we do things.. at the same time with same pace cyber crime has also increased..

    Lovely read on this topic..
    I agree with bikram that only way to avoid and be safe is to take precautions on your own !!

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