It could be Verse




It’s Valentine’s  Day

And I have a lot to say..

“I love you, “

“You’re among the very few,”

And so on and so forth

I can rattle with full mirth.

“Be my Valentine.”

Okay. I shall. But, is all really fine?

“I love you so,”

‘Don’t you know? “


How could I when I hear

About groping, molesting of species I hold dear?

How could I when I see sane people get wild

Injuring, attacking and hurting the most mild?


I shall be your Valentine.


We shall commit to care –

To love each other and to be fair.


But, will we make a difference

In today’s fast advancing race

Of culture and business sans grace?

Of witnessing how politicians divide a city

Shoving away ‘outsiders’. Oh! What a pity!

Forgetting what it means to be one,

Of living, working together under the same sun.


Before I say, “I do”

To you

Let’s make an effort to change,

To cast away all prejudice in any visible range

I love Valentine. I love you.

Like leaves moist with early morning dew.

Let’s stay together for now and forever

To live and savor

A love to last for a lifetime

Yes. I believe when it’s Valentine, all is fine.


  1. Friendship Only Solves All!

    All time high the climate thrashes all!
    Best portion of day goes in drowsiness;
    Climate changes unknown at anytime!

    Doubts of any particular one arise too
    Ever making all see weather keen and
    Fear of extremities makes all think deep
    Goading all follow the habits of birds and
    Hover over land and sea to better location!

    Ice cold situation forces all look for hot place;
    Jogging too gives some relief to weak ones.
    Kettle of hot beverages all seek now and then;
    Love of hot stuffs gives great relief always
    Making one and all take coffee often then…!

    Nowhere one can be comfortable ever in life
    Often affected by weather and problems….!
    Peace of mind solacing words gives sure
    Quite late though many a time not possible
    Restoring some relief at the neck of time….!

    Sunny romantic life is the dream of many
    Touching the hearts and minds to live on….!
    Union of like-minded friends only can ensure
    Verily a life enjoyable in all respects….but
    What to do all fingers are not of the same size!

    X,Y,Z should come together knowing this and
    Yearnings of life then only can be solved well
    Zeroing all difficulties and dilemmas in the world!

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