365 days around the clock.....

Another year. Another three hundred and sixty five days to plan, to spend, to live. Quite an ordeal it sounds doesn’t it when we put it this way?  And have you noticed, how every year-end we tend to feel that the year gone by could have been better. We may have got many of the things that we had desired but, that uncomfortable feeling still persists, doesn’t it?

Richard Bach says, “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”

That makes us have much more to reflect upon considering the fact that we are the delicate links with our families as daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, career women, sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, professionals and what not. Don’t you think in such a scenario, we need to do be more careful about the choices we make in our lives?

Each year brings with it numerous opportunities. How wisely or carelessly we use them depends entirely upon us. We could become foolishly emotional in our responses to situations or cold bloodedly logical. What finally stand out are our PRIORITIES.

At the fag end of our lives it is not our booming careers or our social circle that will count if all we have in our minds and hearts is guilt and regret. Just think calmly. Ten years from now, will we be content with the choices we have made?  So, let’s just sort out the priorities in our lives. Like, what do we want first? Is it a career? Marriage? Both? What comes next? Are we willing to adjust to accommodate a growing family?

Priorities are of utmost importance in our lives because they make or mar the peace within us. Once we are clear about what we want and why we want then, life becomes easy to sail through. We owe it to ourselves to get onto the right track. This New Year, let us all do some re-thinking about our goals. Life is too short to fritter away in anger and remorse. Proper perspectives and priorities and, making the most of our lives, let’s just do that.   And of course have a wonderful new year!

One of my favorite quotes from Richard Bach's Illusions....


11 thoughts on “NEW YEAR PERSPECTIVES….

  1. A.Hari :
    Hi Shail,
    Your post serves as a timely reminder of pending works in my life.
    My best wishes for Happy New Year to all readers of this blog.

    Hi Hari,

    Nice to find you as the first visitor to my blog for the year end!

    Thanks for all your encouragement the year around….

    My best wishes to you too…..

  2. Hey Shail, nice to know you are from the same line as I am..though I am a designer, but ok we did work a bit for the same. Good to find you in my corner of the world in blogoshere.. 🙂

  3. budhaaah :
    Hey Shail, nice to know you are from the same line as I am..though I am a designer, but ok we did work a bit for the same. Good to find you in my corner of the world in blogoshere..

    Hi Budhaah,

    Nice to see you here. But where oh where is your blog. Can’t seem to locate it.

  4. A lovely blog, as usual, Shail! So much to think about. Do continue to stir up our thoughts and imaginations through 2011. I too wish every one who visits this blog a glorious year ahead.

  5. You had mentioned about two stories of working women and why they worked/left their job. I didn’t vouch for women working for pride. I felt many (95%) of women are working to repay a home loan (for a home in which they don’t leave), or to take a car loan. Anyway, its only for luxury and it doesn’t seem essential.

    Being a housewife or in modern terms a home maker, doesn’t mean you are confined to the kitchen or washing area with a home attire ( I don’t want to be specific). Because that is the notion of many women I came across – they feel they lose their individuality, communication skill, lack updates on technology or what’s happening around and above all independence.

    They do not realise that they have a lot of freedom when they are out of work and have a very clear mind unmindful of the real happiness which lies in making a home, maintaining it and seeing the children grow in their control.

  6. A very thought provoking post indeed! One which makes the readers look back as well as in future in self introspective mode. Thanks for giving those delicate hints which may surprisingly seem very close to every reader’s thought and life. Shail, we really need to think it over and over again before even lifting a step to move on in life. Thanks for reminding that once again as we forget these little but precious (when lost) things which should actually form the edifice on which our lives’ decisions should be based and balanced. Wishing you and every reader of this blog a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

  7. Hi Shail,
    Happy New Year to you and your family and thank for those wishes.

    Rightly said, set the priorites straight and work on that we need not regret or feel guilty at the end of the coming year or the years to come..
    I go with that statement and let me think about my priorites now 🙂

  8. Hi Shail,

    I do believe that God does exist as your blog post seems a direct message from HIM to move ahead without fear and to do what is right as HE is there!

    Thank you for this blog post!

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