Gamble…Take a Risk…

Now, here was a prompt on the word GAMBLE and while I had just written a piece on Draupadi (so well known for the famous incident of gambling) and some time back on the literal issue of gambling,I thought I might as well give the prompt a shot  in maybe, a different perspective altogether! Not the literal word meaning Gambling Away with money or women!!!! Just some hazy reflection… Please do join me…

Gamble your choices.  We all need to do it at sometime or the other in our lives. Those who don’t always want the safe way out which might eventually turn out to be boring, mundane and entirely not the right choice.

Gamble your right to do right. Risk it all if only to remember it years later with joy or even a little regret. But, at least with the feeling that you did not sit tight on your bottoms without trying.

Gamble your desire to do what you want. Take the step to follow your conscience even if it goes against the norms of society. You think it is right? It doesn’t harm anyone? Then just do it.

Feel free to add your own list here on the word GAMBLE!

Just gamble away…….

For the Prompt GAMBLE 


18 thoughts on “Gamble…Take a Risk…

  1. Interesting. Moi agrees that one needs to think twice –ensuring no harm comes around & this gambling fetches some good.

  2. gc1963 :
    Life’s a lucrative gamble as long as you are on the winning side.

    Hi Geeta,

    I know. It is definitely like that but sometimes, it does not matter which side you are on as long as you know that you are doing right without harming anyone…

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