Friday the 13th: Do you believe in it?

Did you have an eventful day on the 13th of May 2011? Yeah, it is today and will carry on for some more hours before we step into the next ‘fairly normal’ day. Has the day been a little different from all other days? Didn’t notice any change? Just flashback into the day once again from the time you stepped out of bed until now. Now, you might be wondering why I am asking you all this. Well! today is Friday the 13th and the people believing in this Friday the 13thphenomenon are bound to find their day filled with events they rather not want.

Some people find this day unlucky, a belief or a superstition if you may call it from ages ago. Some don’t even know how it all started but still believe in it anyway. It is hard not to be influenced by this so-called unlucky day even if it is a little. A lot of people carry this fetish for Friday the 13th. Anything mysterious would immediately get the tag of “It was Friday the 13th, that’s why it happened. You should have been careful.” And, the ghost stories that we already feed ourselves with from childhood are no energy boosters.

Since Friday the 13th does not frequent often, the very rarity of the date makes people associate this day with ill luck and fear. Very few want to even know how it all began, where it all commenced. People just presumed that because such a fateful day existed, there must be some reason (however stupid!!) behind it.  So, people refrained from trying out anything new on this date. Who knew what misfortune would befall if such foolish things were attempted? Better to be safe than sorry eh! Many religiously and loyally believe in such a disastrous, unlucky and obviously unforgettable day! Subjective and blind belief refuses to permit people to think that if one has decided on feeling horrid and scared, of thinking that the whole world was plotting against them, that everything on this day would go wrong, then, nature would see to it that things would go wrong! After all, the human mind is a powerful weapon even against oneself. It has the power to transform a happy person into a sad one and a courageous person into a coward! But who thinks about such great logic on this kind of a day?

Friday the 13th is really a universal phenomenon. You know that the great Winston Churchill refused to travel anywhere on Friday the 13th and even a country like Italy refused to print the number 13 on their lottery tickets! Many people avoid going on trips on such a day and do not even sit for dinner in a room that has 13 people! In fact, many hotels did not even have a room numbered 13 once upon a time. I wonder whether this still exists. But did you also know that people like Alfred Hitchcock, Margaret Thatcher and several other successful persons were born on this unlucky day (it is a fact!) and yet did very well in life!

Then, why all this stupid belief in Friday the 13? Who started it all?  Events like The Last Supper where 13 people ate with Jesus, the day (Friday) when Jesus was crucified, destruction of the Temple of Solomon on a Friday; all these began to fuel the fire of fiery Friday the 13th  among people. If things do go wrong on this day then for a logical person it is plain co-incidence, nothing else. But, for a dedicated Friday the 13 phobic, it just cannot be anything else! It is known as ‘paraskavedekatriaphobia’ or fear of Friday the 13th. This year we have only one Friday the 13: and that is today, May 13, 2011.  So, if you have even a speck of doubt about the day, be relieved, the last of the fateful days are over now with this day this year!!!


12 thoughts on “Friday the 13th: Do you believe in it?

  1. enjoyed reading this, Shail.
    and no, am not superstitous about this or anything else for that matter.

  2. Shail~

    I have always considered Friday the 13th to be an exceedingly lucky day for me. In verification, I was married on Friday, February 13th… thirty years ago. We are still very much in love and living the good life!


  3. Dear Shail ji,fearor phobia of Friday the 13th is called Triskaidekaphobia.I have never seen a 13th floor on a high rise building or the number 13 on a lifts indicator ! Only movies highlight it.I havent had such a para ormal experience.Thank my 13 stars!!

  4. Read “para Normal”in above comment.See today’s effect on my posting right now?? I typed ‘para normal’ but it got typed as ‘para ormal’ !!

  5. If anything bad happens I will blame it on Friday or this or that…….

    If anything good happens, it is of course because of me…. inspite of it being Friday.

    I do believe in 13ths and Fridays and……. they are wonderful tools to protect my failures.

  6. Enjoyed reading this. I dont beleive in this .. I beleive that whats got to happen will happen..

    but when i was young firday the 13th Movie did scare me at that time .. 🙂

  7. hehhe..this was really good, Shail! I am not much of a believer (especially when it comes to superstitions), but I know quite a few that are! 🙂 In fact, most of the buildings (including ours) here in New York do not have a 13th floor.. can you beat that! I mean there is a 13th floor, but it’s just not numbered’s numbered 14! 🙂

    Somehow, it just doesn’t make any logical sense to me..
    Anyway, my Friday the 13th was just like any other Friday 🙂 [thankfully!]

  8. Varun Reddy :
    Human mind is indeed the powerful weapon, even when used against itself Good one…

    Hi Varun,

    Long time.Yes, the human mind is indeed very powerful. It has the power to pull us down in the dumps or make us feel elated all for nothing….

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