Celebrating Life the Bonza Bottler Way!

It is difficult not to notice a woman who is passionate, obstinate and dissatisfied in life. Such a person could be dreadfully dangerous. It is a different fact that the qualities mentioned above could prove to be the very essentials needed to succeed in life too. Madame Bovary was one such character that scandalized the entire world with her romantic illusions about life. The French novelist, Gustave Flaubert who brought her to life was born in the year 1821 in Rouen, France. Why I remember the novel ‘Madame Bovary’ and its author is because when I first read the novel ages ago I was simply thrown out of gear. I found no logic at all in the lady’s behaviour yet, like numerous other young women I sort of identified with the impassioned rumblings that prompted Madam Bovary to think and feel the way she did. I was also enthralled by the way the author portrayed simple and humble characters in the novel. I do hope I can do that someday.

Life is no different today. We come across several characters that we sort of identify with but leave behind as we carry on our journey of living and surviving. Years later, we remember them as flashes of our past hovering above us when we are fagged out or depressed. Sometimes, it prompts us to pick up a book we had read ages ago and try to recapture the spirit of the story. Memories of our bygone days are precious gems that make us understand life in a way nobody could. The mistakes we made, the lessons we learnt, the friends we made and lost and the regrets we still carry safely in our hearts. Many of us today have lost the art of celebrating life, exhausted as we are with life itself. I remember the joy of just playing with friends, being happy-go-lucky and enjoying life as I studied. Look at the scenario today – A total contrast. Extremes are everywhere. Almost every other parent wants to keep his or her child constructively occupied in music classes, karate classes, sports activity and what not. Why is it that we were never coaxed into doing something just to keep us busy while our parents carried on living their lives? And we have not turned out to be bad? Have we? Agreed that there are more opportunities for developing, for learning today then, why are there more cases of exploitation, of rape, of material obsession in the young now? Does availability and opportunity go hand in hand with careless consequence and emotional deprivation?

I have watched the Pogo Awards on television and was amazed at the talent brewing in children. I was floored to say the least. But I also observed that picking up talent in the young has become an industry of sorts. We seem to be commercializing all that is innocent and natural. You can see it in the depiction of advertisements, in the tempting offers made to children, in the hazardous peer pressure. Maybe, my priorities are different. Maybe I am in the wrong place at the wrong time but I still would go by the earlier methods of living our lives to the fullest, enjoying our childhood to the maximum and letting things happen naturally. Maybe, I am not being practical. Maybe, my attitude might not guarantee a confirmed place for my child amongst the elite and successful but as long as our children are happy and retain good values I suppose it’s all fine. And, I am glad to say that I still manage to retain a bit of the essence of my childhood. Call me less mature if you want to.
href=”https://musenmotivation.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/bonza-botler.jpg”>Celebration reminds me that July 7 is Bonza Bottler Day. Pray what that might be! I would have asked the same question sometime back but I just discovered this day by default.  I gather the words ‘bonza’ and ‘bottler’ come from the Australian slang for ‘excellent’. Bonza Bottler Day happens every month when the day and the date are the same number. For example, July is the seventh month of the year and tomorrow is the 7th! That’s why it is Bonza Bottler Day tomorrow. We shall also have a Bonza Bottler Day on Jan1, Feb2, March3 etc. And what are you supposed to observe on this day? Well, according to the founder of this day, Elaine Fremont, one was to celebrate the day being just our natural selves, enjoying life without of course alcohol or other artificial stimulants. Elaine even had the day registered in Washington D.C. as a recognized holiday. So, it is a kind of excuse to party without getting dangerously careless.

Well. With different kind of days coming up every other day, I am planning to think up of some special days for the coming year, something with which I can identify with in my life. Maybe, a ‘Keeping In Touch With Myself Day’ someday next year would be fine. What do you say?(unless of course, it is already registered!)


12 thoughts on “Celebrating Life the Bonza Bottler Way!

  1. Very interesting concept Shail. Regarding equipping kids with various skills, I wish to share the following info.

    I came to know about this concept of ‘infant education’ which tries to teach infants just 20 months old. It is also said even you can teach unborn children while undergoing pregnancy.

    Have a look at this site for more info.


    I am glad that I have escaped from such education in my childhood and had just fun…


  2. HI Hari, Nice that you liked the post. Yes, most of us are glad that we lived in a world away from all this over exposure, too much of peer pressure. But then, for everyone, their time was the best:)

    Will definitely check up the link Hari. Thanks.

  3. HI Shail, thanks a ton for such a wonderful article…it brought a smile on my face… so true parents want their kids to achieve the best in life…but the same parents are unhappy when their kids don’t get time to attend to their needs coz they are busy competing in this crazy world. I think as you always say…we all need to take some time to reflect on what kind of a world are we creating and what do we want to achieve at the end of our lives.Thanks for sharing the concept of bonza bottler… I just love it… lets celebrate… Cheers to life!

  4. Hi Prerna, So good to see you here. That itself calls for a celebration, doesn’t it?
    As long as we are happy within, without grudges, we can keep celebrating life always, a special day or not.
    What do you say?

  5. Nice article. It is very strange the other day in my office one of collegue was talking about how he sends his kids for various classes. I asked him why he sends them for all these classes, and he said the world is very competitive and the kid should posses these skills to be successful. So i asked him if he thought he was successful, he said yes. I then asked him if he learnt all these things when he was young… He said no… I guess you know the rest , my colleague justifying with but…….:
    Anyway i am glad i have parents who did not put to much pressure. I guess sucess cannot be measures, it is something you need to feel.

  6. Thanks Savitha.

    Nice you liked the article. Most parents tend to have their own ideas about what is good and what is not but you will find that they tend to follow the crowd when such things about sending their children for extra, too extra classes are concerned.The parents turned out ok, didn’t they? Then, why this pressure for the children. Hmn.

    Anyway, wishing you a happy Bonza Bottler’s Day!

  7. Very, very interesting and informative. Wonder what would days like 10.10.10 is/will be known as:)

  8. Really, Shail… I’m an admirer of you. That said, this comes from a person who does not connect with more than ninety percent of people she meets! Your son and husband are really lucky. And we readers are lucky too, to have known you.

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