Should children be sex-informed?

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In an age when child abuse, AIDS, rape, molestation and unwanted pregnancies are on the rise, children are exposed to various aspects of sex very early in life. Not to leave out television and internet which are always there to lure a child into getting interested in sex prematurely. The issue of sex education is not something that one can wish away just because it is embarrassing to discuss, as every single child (most of them anyway) will be indulging in sex sooner or later in life. So, isn’t it better that they are well informed instead of being misinformed? Wouldn’t it be better they are carefully made aware of instead of being painfully ignorant and then, sorry later?

Awareness about sex in the young

It is easy to preach about the necessity of sex education but when it comes to actual practice the reality becomes unnecessarily complex. In spite of the fact that India has advanced in the fields of technology, IT, consumerism and education, it still remains an orthodox, narrow minded and hypocritical society. People indulge in premarital, extra marital, bisexual and homosexual sex but will not discuss about the issue in the open. Not that you need to carry your sexual preference on your sleeve always. The issue is about imparting education nay information to the young who are in desperate need of it today. The age and time of informing the child may vary. However, when it comes to children many people/parents conveniently forget that they too underwent hormonal changes which caused sexual related desires and fantasies. They were no saints!

It is no different for the children of today. The social, cultural and situational conditions of people however vary so it is not always easy to tell your child about it all. But given a choice – would you rather want your child to obtain this vital information from you or, through pornography, ill informed friends, the net or even an accidental sexual encounter! The problem is that even when some parents understand the urgency of the situation there are the ‘moral policemen’ and legislators themselves who claim that sex education goes against the culture of the society.

Does the culture of the country say, No sex please – we are Indians? No sex education please – we rather learn through trial and error” (that is, get exploited, traumatized in the process and then, repent in leisure). No sex education please – AIDS doesn’t happen to people like us (what about all those who get infected with sexually transmitted diseases due to unsafe sex?). No sex education please – we come from good families (as if to say, the children were born without sexual acts). No sex awareness please – our children are very innocent. We don’t want them to get ideas (what about the innumerable children who get raped or indulge in sex even before they are mentally and physically mature?).

Sex education in schools must be made compulsory. After all, its only aim is to make children aware about sexuality and reduce the dangers of deviant sexual behaviour, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.  Sex education is our child’s defense against a sadistic society. It makes a child grow up into a healthy individual in mind, body and spirit.  Sex education clears your child of all doubts that he/she may harbour in his/her mind so that he/she need not go elsewhere searching for information. This way, the child is able to concentrate on his studies, his other extra curricular activities without any psychological strain or pressure.

Much as casual sex is becoming common now-a-days, sex education, be it at home or in school makes a growing child realize that it need not be a topic that is taboo. It can be discussed and then not thought much about. It is when sex is made the forbidden fruit that problems crop up. Time is a great healer, they say but in case of matters related to sex, time becomes a hard taskmaster if care is not taken to understand sex and its place in our children’s lives. A mistake could be really deadly. So, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry more so when the lives of our precious children are at stake?

What do you say friends?


21 thoughts on “Should children be sex-informed?

  1. hey …

    tried to read the article … but couldn’t … the girl’s eyes arrest me cant tear my eyes off her pic (esp the eyes)

  2. Yes, dear Shail. You are absolutely correct. One needs to talk about sex-education in the open as so many teenagers are totally unaware of ‘safe sex’…

  3. It is absolutely necessary to have compulsory sex education as ‘teen age pregnancies’ are happening in India also now. Sexual abuse of children is also increasing in our society. It is high time we create more awareness among children on this sensitive topic.

  4. Thanks Hari. I am glad that more and more people feel the need for sex education for children. Sexual abuse is indeed reaching terrible heights and we need to keep our children well informed.

  5. That’s nice. I know, it is a welcome relief and now we are making excuses to have fun together, visiting places!

    What about you Deepa?

  6. I think its a must as you say. Kids in very early age start understanding things and they get a chance of learning it from whatever they are comfortable with like asking their friends , the most common and easy way.. And then they learn it but all of mix opinions and that makes it worse. Learn things completely and correctly. Incomplete study or a incorrect one would lead to learning through the mistakes which is not right of parents to do with their kids.

  7. Its definitely important to give a theory lesson before indulging in the practical lesson. I believe a lot of parents/educators are now realizing the importance of sex education but we still have a long way to go.

  8. Hi Bedlam. Yes, kids are far too fast now-a-days. They grasp things faster so it is better that they are explained things like sex, etc early in life.

    Thanks for dropping in.

  9. Very true Ashwini. Too many youngsters are going in for the practicals even without being aware of the theory that goes into it.

    More parents and educational institutions must come up with this sex education awareness.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  10. Sumit Sarkar :
    I agree with you so much..
    This is great post…
    and congratz for this being in the top 25 of tangy tuesdays..

    Hi Sumit,

    Nice of you to drop by and express your lovely comments. I didn’t know I figured in the top 25 of tangy tuesdays!

  11. I could not decide between should we or should we not, until now. But in lieu of what is happening to women there and your insight, i am now in favor of sex education. Any thing to protect our precious children!

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