Evil Eye? Black Magic? Do they really exist?

‘Buri nazar waalaah, tera mooh kaala’ (oh! Evil eyed-one, let your face be blackened) is an often repeated dialogue many of us may have heard. Believing in the evil eye may sound conservative and rustic but it is a fact that many people believe in it even today. So, is the evil eye just a superstition, a folklore, jinx or simply plain bad luck? I am sure that most of us have gone through rough patches in our lives when things just did not go right in spite of having put in our best. We were convinced that everything would turn out well but it did not. Maybe, somebody was hale and hearty and suddenly, out of the blue he/she fell sick for no reason. Even the doctors were stupefied as the patient had no dangerous illness to complain of to suffer this kind of terrible state. Then, what was the problem? Was it the evil eye?

I have always believed that if you did right, things would go right. Co-incidence is a grim possibility but attributing something wrong to a silly belief or folklore seems absurd. Isn’t it?

But, many of us are ever ready to justify a mistake or a co-incidence to something supernatural and mysterious. I was often amused to see babies having a black mark on their cheeks or foreheads and was told that it was to protect the baby from any evil eye that could be cast on it. But, why would anyone cast an evil eye on such a vulnerable harmless cute little creature? I was told that if a person was envious of you, he or she could look at your baby with envy or jealousy and thereby cast the evil eye. The end result would be either a howling baby for no reason or a baby falling sick suddenly. There are some rituals too that claim to remove the evil eye which prevents such evil eye from disturbing the life of any person, baby or adult. Usually an arathi was done using some camphor. Burning camphor is said to destroy all kinds of negativity. That brings us to the scientific explanation of the evil eye.

The evil eye is nothing but extreme negative feelings hitting you like a meteor. They hit you so hard that you don’t know what hit you. Just like how when a good person blesses you from the heart you can feel the positive energy reach you, in the same manner negative energy can deplete you of all positive and happy feelings that reside with in you, leaving you feeling low and weak without reason. So, what is the remedy? For a not so religious person, who is more logical by nature one would suggest that the scenario be changed. Getting away from the person or surrounding that made you feel disturbed always helps. Doesn’t it? It may be a temporary break but it helps all the same especially when we are disturbed. Don’t we try to get away from a place that makes us feel sick and sad? But, what when a sudden loss in business continues in spite of getting away from the disturbing person or place? Then, I gather you are supposed to take the help of a priest who would guide you through the maize of evil eye caused by negative emotion or even black magic (you are free to disbelieve in it!) with the aid of mantras, homams or japas depending upon the intensity of the effect of the evil eye. Do they work? That is for those people to answer who have been affected and have tried this out successfully.

Ever seen new vehicles made to run over limes and melons? Have you ever wondered why? You got it right – to ward off evil eyes! Many in the north also spit into a handful of red chillies which are then thrown into the fire, all a part of warding off the evil eye. Amulets and talismans are also used to ward off the evil eye.  Dhrishti, as it is called in the south, traces its origin to the word ‘drishti’ in Sanskrit which means ‘sight’ and is attributed to the evil eye that is put onto you by a glance, a feeling or an intentional act of evil to harm a person you want to make suffer.

History of the world shows that not just India but many countries all over the world have believed in the evil eye for ages and continue to do so. The Dutch, the Germans, the Danish, the Italians, the Portuguese, and the Armenians – you name the country and it believes in the evil eye. I suppose mankind will always be obsessed with the supernatural and the eerie (you can see it in the many movies that come up on these very issues). And now, it seems that terrorists have joined this evil eye gang too!


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