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Is there something called Female Chauvinism?

For long we have equated chauvinism with males. After all, we all have been living in a male dominated, patriarchal society for ages. So, male chauvinists were bound to exist in plenty especially since we found women facing obstacles every time they made an attempt to advance in life or tried out something that was slated to be male domain. So, men with conservative views about what women should be or do abounded in plenty. But, are all women the same miserable tortured lot even today? The women, who have waged and won many of their wars with society for equality and rights, do some if not all, stand innocent when it comes to making use of their freedom? Are not some women victimizing the very men they accused of being chauvinists?

Feminism and Female Chauvinism

Feminism came up at the right time to rescue women who were bombarded with stereotypical images of the definition of womanhood. Feminism helped many women to come out of their shells and understand their worth. No wonder, women gradually fought for their rights and became successful albeit after a lot of struggle. But then, we are not discussing the issue of feminism. The matter is about how during the course of the effort to acquire equality, many women have taken over the mantle of chauvinism. Feminism has quietly transformed into female chauvinism. Just like how a group of men (not all mind you) came up with chauvinist ideas about women, women (again, not all) are coming up with chauvinist views about men today. They are displaying the same kind of arrogant superiority over men that used to be displayed before the feminist revolution. There were lesser choices available for women then. Today, women are everywhere – they are free to make their choices be it in the field of education, choice of mate, social set-up and the like. Again, this does not apply to all women; this certainly does not generalize all categories of women. After all, all women cannot be accused of being female chauvinist pigs. Coming back to female chauvinists, if there is a rape then all men are wild animals who know nothing better. Till women get things going smoothly, it’s fine but the moment they are restricted even for valid reasons, they jump up and cry foul.

“Well. Men have had their share of glory and dominance, their chance to exploit.

That’s the carefree-careless-damn it attitude of many a woman today who is successful in life, independent and able to lead her life without the support (emotional and financial) of a man. Why! Women can even get pregnant and bring up a child without the aid of a man today. Technology has advanced so much. It is a different fact that many women still stay caught in a time capsule where they continue to get exploited. There’s no denying that.

Today, the very term feminism is messed up. In fact, many women stay away from being labeled as feminists because they find that those women who cry from the rooftops stating that they are feminists are actually waging a female chauvinist war. The genuine issues of feminism no longer exist. It has become entangled with confused ideas about male and female rivalry as if to say one could live forever in harmony without the other. Today, many women chauvinists misuse their gender to get ahead of the men be it to simply cry ‘wolf!’ or to surge ahead of the human rat race where sexes don’t matter anymore. Female chauvinists want their share of male chivalry and attention, satiation of material and sexual desires but when the same is desired on the other side, then, men are nothing but MCPs (male chauvinist pigs). What the men earn is ‘our money’ while what the women earn is selfishly deemed as ‘my money.’

It is a pity that all the legitimate and deserving success and achievement that women have acquired over the ages is coming to naught just by the arrogant and selfish notion that it is a woman’s right to create and destroy. Sad that real feminism is being murdered right under the eyes of the genuine feminists who clearly know what it feels like to ‘not have’ and then ‘achieve something’ only to lose it due to the hypocritical attitudes of some foolish and egotistical women. These female chauvinists forget that there are several women in the villages, little towns and cities who are silently carrying around the torch of feminism making a difference in the life of so many people without making much hue and cry about it. They are helping those in need irrespective of caste, community, status or gender.

Let us not permit the miniscule victories of life to destroy all that was accomplished to make feminism a living reality.


17 thoughts on “Is there something called Female Chauvinism?

  1. Any form of extremism is bound to boomerang at some point in time. the idea is to be as balanced as possible…too much feminism or too much male chauvinism both cannot exist in the long run.

    It is a fallacy to think/believe that a woman can exist without a man, and vice versa for all cases.
    There will always be exceptions, but it cannot become a rule.
    The natural balance must be maintained.

    I am glad you wrote this topic. Female Chauvinism is slowly gaining notoriety as much as men’s !
    It s not always about eve-teasing you know…sometimes it is also about eve’s teasing.!! ;-))

  2. Thanks Gyan. So nice of you to write.

    I wrote this specifically because some women are going the extreme way. I agree with what you mentioned. Both need to complement each other, not always necessarily in the roles of husband and wife but in other roles as well. And chauvinism can destroy any relationship, male or female.

  3. I hate being labelled as a feminist for sure, Shail. I have my own ideals and I do not take crap for anything, but yes, female chavunism…a complete no no !

  4. Glad you feel the same as I do Sneha.

    It is a pity that women are only imitating the men the wrong way. This way, there will be no difference between the two.

  5. I agree with feminism, but I don’t agree with women who take it too far. I think we all fall into that “superiority” trap sooner or later. On the masculine side, I’ve heard women trivialize manhood as much as men have trivialized womanhood. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but generalization is a weakness that makes us all a little less than what we truly are.

    Great post! I referenced this post in my own on female chauvinism:

    Check it out! I’ll be following…

  6. Yeah no kidding, well said my friend. Radical feminism may have been warranted, or even necessary to achieve equality reforms a hundred years ago or even a few decades ago. But today carrying on with such zeal for just a persons own gender is not only overkill in a first-world country like the US, its damning to legitimate egalitarianism. How are we supposed to respect every persons rights regardless of race gender age etc — if many people are angrily vying for only their own race or sex at the expense of all others? Not only is the idea of female supremacy equally as unfair as male supremacy, its as unfair as white supremacy or black supremacy or any other biggoted threat to the equal treatment of all persons. In a modern world where we claim to desire equality, let’s treat others as our equals as well.

  7. I could not agree more.

    I design knitwear…and as a heterosexual male trying to make his way in a “now” primarily female dominant art, I experience this reverse/female chauvinism all of the time. What many knitters don’t realize is, men use to be the only “sex” knitting. Only men were allowed into knitting guilds – which basically was their job. Now this art has seemingly reversed to an almost all female crowd.

    Fortunately I do receive a small percentage of woman that are “impressed” with what I am doing, but overwhelmingly the reception is negative.

    I don’t believe that – in this regards – male and females are all that different. We all pretend to want equality, when in reality we all seem to want domination. A passive aggressive path to superiority.

    The bias is here and the bias is currently accepted. And after 3 years of this battle, I have to admit…I am getting worn down.

  8. Mark,
    I am sure if a woman became a car mechanic, a coal miner or a bricklayer then she would be praised! Women can achieve anything they want to and are encouraged to whereas men are constantly ridiculed if they so much as think about trying something that is seen as ‘feminine’. If you can’t keep up with your knitting I suggest you go to the press and hopefully someone will write a nice article about your story for many sympathisers to read.

    In our modern time women are allowed to be women and men but men can only be men. I had a girlfriend who constantly put men down in general and sometimes me specifically. She also used to say how amazing she was and how she could do any job that a man can. It was all rubbish – she was useless at her own job never mind anyone elses – and a couple of years after leaving her I am over her but hesitant to find another woman.

  9. I agree with the basic point(whoever wrote this) but I think the way the person wrote it makes it sound like this person is threatened by women. This person basically says women are progressing but I don’t think he is communicating. I think what this person is trying to say is that these days women are using the social pressure for equal oppurtunity and fairness for all to do the opposite of what the social pressure was intended for in the first place. In other words, this person is saying they are using the social pressure I refered to in order to have the luxury of being able to suggest and/or imply and/or accuse without actually being accused and/or implicated themselves. It’s sort of like they’re thinking ‘That’s right, I can be unfair to the opposite sex and get away with it because I have them on the defensive.’

    I also think the way this person worded the sentences in this piece makes it easy for women(and men) to use this person’s words to beat this person in this argument because this person uses the phraise “male chivalry” and then this person goes on to say if the “same” thing is wanted by men. Since when do most men want “male chivalry” from other men? Here is the sentence I suggest this person uses……

    Female chauvinists want their share of desirable things from the opposite sex, material things and sex but when the same is desired by men they are way more scornful of the men who desire these things than they are of women who desire the same to make an understatement.

    One of the definitions of chauvinism I’ve seen defines chauvinism as “Unwarranted bias and/or favoritism and/or devotion to one’s own particular group and/or cause and/or idea.” Now by that definition so many women I’ve came across in my lifetime are RAGING female chauvinist pigs for example, on the Ricky Lake Show(a ninties talk show) I noticed Ricky Lake would be WAY more scornful of the men who cheated on their women than she was of the women who cheated on their men. In fact she even stood up for the women who cheated. The ironic thing is she even had the brass to accuse a man on her show of being “scornful” of women when he is no better when in fact she was the guilty party. Now anyone who claims Ricky Lake was not at the very least chauvinistic must not be a big fan of making sense and/or a chauvinist themselves.

    In conclusion, chauvinism isn’t right no matter which gender bears the brunt of it and we all should acknowledge and stand up to chauvinism no matter which gender engages in it. If that happens men and women just might get along WAY better one of these days.

  10. Chauvinism of any sort is fanatical. To say feminists have become chauvinistic is a very ‘unsupported by facts’ generalization.

  11. Illuminating article! In first world countries this is a growing issue so it’s good to spread awareness, not forgetting to remind those feminists that the real issue lies in third world countries and they are not helping the cause a single bit. But the truth is many of them care not about human rights and it doesn’t matter to them that they are fighting for superiority in a country where laws are already to their favor (Singapore for example; women’s charter, national service, etc) when women are oppressed and suffering in so many third world countries. Their fight is for themselves; if not, then they should bring their fight elsewhere and let first world countries enjoy a little bit of peace.

  12. yes it exists!!! you probably are one!!! like 99% of today’s females… most dont work and mooch off men using their looks and only hold value in material possessions… your definition of love is how much money and property your man has…and you only have him because you lied about you being on birth control and got yourself knocked up to force him into a position of eternal debt

  13. in fact… female chauvinism is at least a billion dollar industry look at all the female talk shows like oprah and the view… those charities and non profit organizations that make millions in profits and donate the minimum 10% and i wonder how u call it non profit… all chauvinist… all reaping profits from said chauvinism.

  14. Nice Article! SadhGuru talks about masculine and feminine aspects that are there in both men and women and why one should nurture them equally regardless of male of female. But it is unfortunate that what started off as a feminist activity is showing signs of women becoming more masculine and has the potential to lead female Chauvinism..

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