Where the Gambling Dice Rules the Game


Let’s face it! Most of us want to get rich if not richer. Money is always welcome in any home as it makes life comfortable, satiates simple or luxurious desires and indeed gives happiness to many. Some earn it by sheer hard work (most actually do that), there are others who get into illegal dealings and earn black money. Gambling is one way to increase your fortune. Lottery attracts millions of people all over the world, wooing them with illusionary hopes of raking in huge amounts of money. In fact, lotteries, betting and gambling is a lucrative business that is going great guns in our country today. But, is all the gambling (legal or not) helping people? Are the people indulging in gambling feeling happier and more content than they were before they began gambling?

A gamble of a chance or choice

Gambling may not be as advanced in India as it is in places like our neighbouring Katmandu or the famous Las Vegas where casinos are common and Roulette is aam-baath. Although we have had a gambling history with the most infamous and often referred to throwing of dice by the Pandavas and the Kauravas, gambling is not exactly a flourishing activity when compared to cities and countries which indulge in legal gambling and betting. The logic behind it is that people gambling are voluntarily playing; they are not being forced to do it. This may hold true of the very rich who have plenty of money to throw over a couple of dice, on horses or on the net. But, what about the majority of the population that is not floating in oceans of money? Many of the rich tend to inspire the middle or lower classes as far as gambling or betting is concerned. But that’s no justification. After all, not everyone can get equally rich however democratic the society may be.

There are heart rendering accounts of people who have lost everything during a gamble, their jobs, their families and even a great chunk of their very own original personalities. The hard working man/woman has transformed gradually into a worn out, gambling addicted, miserable wreck who is too ruined in body and spirit to even give up his/her vices and start life afresh on a clean slate. There are too many debts and innumerable precious relationships cracked or broken to even induce a desire to live. Gambling related suicides in many parts of India are proof to the havoc that gambling has brought upon people. Now, with online lottery, betting and internet gambling being made available to the people in their very homes, the temptation to grow rich at the click of a mouse is even more rampant.

So, why isn’t there a law against gambling, you may ask. There is a law, Public Gambling Act which is outdated and serves no specific purpose, only serving to create more loopholes via which more gambling and betting can be done. Social gambling has become an acceptable activity whether it is done inside the four walls of a house, a hotel, a race course, a fair or anukkad. Many people don’t even realize that they have a gambling problem until things go out of hand. We even have a Gamblers Anonymous like Alcoholics Anonymous to treat this problem.

People supporting gambling feel that the revenue from it can help improve the economy. They state that that the revenue from gambling can be used for development projects apart from the fact that it provides employment to innumerable people. But, is gambling the only way or the right way to make money? When gambling turns from an ordinary game into a compulsive habit and then, into an organized crime (lying, stealing for gambling), does it really benefit the masses? What is the use of a fast developing economy if people are starving, suffering due to the disastrous consequences of gambling? Of what use is the huge revenue from gambling if it murders the very spirit of games like cricket and football? Can there be no better means of recreation than gambling (for the ones who indulge in it just for the thrill of winning or losing money)? Why wait for Lady Luck to build up your fortune? Why not earn it yourself, without gambling your life away?

What do you think friends?


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