The Face behind the Plastic Smile:)


We all know it. Most beauty pageants have their contestants sporting fixed teeth, smiles, busts and what not. I’d be lying if I say that I don’t find them ( I mean the models!) ravishing. They do, although the posing, the walking up the ramp and smiling unnecessarily can really put one off after a while. From actors and models who want to continue in the entertainment and beauty business to the common man/woman next door, today, assorting to plastic surgery to quick fix a breast, eyelid, tummy, chin, nose or the buttock is nothing to be shocked about. Nobody wants to grow old so if a little surgery can take away a few wrinkles and make one look a few years younger then “why not?” is the common refrain. But, is it really necessary? Is it natural? Can’t we do without it?

The need for plastic surgery

I am always for surgery if it helps rectify a physical deformity at birth or reconstruct some part of a body that could have got scalded or deformed in an accident. It does wonders to the confidence and energy level of people in such situations. Look at what that surgery of the cleft lip did to ‘Smile’ Pinki! During such times, it becomes more of an immediate necessity. It is a different fact that not all physically deformed people or people involved in accidents have the money for such kind of plastic surgery. The ones that usually have the money are the ones that are not exactly in need of plastic surgery. For them, it is a cosmetic luxury resorted to soothe a vain desire.

Why would a normal human being want to go under the scalpel and put himself/herself at risk? By ‘normal person’ I mean a person who has all her body parts in the right places doing the proper functioning that they need to do. Well, there are some who have been plagued by friends and relatives who have cruelly teased them all their lives for that flat, chubby, unusually big, parrot nose! Some want that zero size figure so that they could get wooed or get that modeling or acting job. Still others feel unhappy with the way they look and want to go in for a complete makeover hoping against hope that it will bring about a miracle in their lives. A chance to get back that ex lover or acquire a new one, are also some unimaginable but happening reasons today for a plastic surgery. Of course, there are the usual ones who just can’t grow old gracefully. Ageing is something scary or dreadful for them so they feel that a plastic surgery will at least revive a few years of youth for them. But, for how long is what I want to know? No plastic surgery can be completely permanent. So, what happens when the effect of the temporary reversal of natural changes in the body (read plastic surgery) is worn off as age catches up or mainly due to the short expiry period of the plastic surgery itself? Many more surgeries would be required just to maintain that look and before you know it, you become an addict of that illusionary perception of perfect beauty, something like BDD or body dysmorphic disorder.

Plastic surgery could be a great tool to boost a person’s self confidence. But surely, there are other ways to feel good about yourself. Is physical perfection the only way to find contentment in life? The Face behind that plastic smile remains just that- a mask that hides your natural self all for the sake of mere approval. Society exists to comment for good or for bad. Why bother about the dictates of society? Abusing this man-made tool to enhance the physical beauty of a person solely for the purpose of vanity is an unnaturally unwarranted desire.

What do you say?


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