It could be Verse

Where is the New Year?


Months into the New Year!

We are still hurtling into the arena

of discovery and expectation,

of love and anticipation,

what will our stars foretell this year?

we wonder:

Will we be successful?

Will we be free of an illness?

Will we? Will we?

The same query goes on every year,

how often do we retrospect

on the year gone by?

Did we do good?

Did we make someone happy?

My eyebrows knit

and my big enthusiastic eyes almost squint

in despair as I look back on the year gone,

I find pages of my book incomplete

as they flap in the wind to display

dark words of vanity, anger, hatred

sparkling white pages tainted

with the ink of negative thought and deeds,

a bundle of hopes torn to shreds

by a year well begun but lost midway

in the daily humdrum of life.

It’s a blossoming year now,

there is still time

to pull our chins up,

tuck in good thoughts

and begin afresh.

2 thoughts on “Where is the New Year?

  1. Really thought provoking one Shail. I started thinking along these lines and let me think of doing something constructive atleast now…..

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