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Hat it is for the letter H!

This time, I am making use of a poem I had written some time back.

SONY DSCThat thing
called a hat -
does it merely cover
a thinning head of ageing hair
or is it a fashionable statement
for receding grey cells?

Every Hello -
a revelation to the stranger
standing amusingly
wanting to curiously know
whether the area called the head
has a growing patch or not!

Hats for all occasions,
for convenience
for cover-ups
temporarily hiding
embarrassing situations!
Do you wear a hat by the way?

For the A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014

G: Gratitude


It was my birthday on the 10th of April and I grew older, adding yet another year to my life!

There was a time it felt good to celebrate my birthday, to revel in the joys of a life growing more younger (ironical though it may sound!), happier, loving and yes! older too. Today, as a mother of a teenager I realize that more than anything else I need to be grateful for all the little blessings that have been bestowed upon me all these years. I realize that I need to complain less-forgive more, desire less-give more, grumble less-smile more, procrastinate less-work and pray more….

Even though life may not run as planned, I know that I have been blessed with many things that I did not even aspire for like wonderful parents, loving husband, beautiful child, unconditional friends…. the list goes on.

There are parts of me that still linger in the darkness, certain thoughts that need to be let free, some emotions that have   to be either satiated or destroyed and the emotional load let off my back. The more I am aware how blessed I am, the more grateful I shall be….

Thank you world for making me what I am. Thank you Ma Nature for so unconditionally giving from your bounty.Thank you God for loving me despite my faults. Thank you for your grace.

I am ever grateful.

For the A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014

My First Ever Marathon: Pinkathon Chennai 2014

Firstly, I am not a very physical person.

Secondly, I have never participated in a marathon.

pinkathon crowd

Thirdly, I have friends who have gone through breast cancer which is what this run is all about.

So, when PINKATHON came up in Chennai I knew I had to do it. No excuses, I told myself although I wasn’t very sure about my ability to make it in time at 5 am early morning and also complete the run. I managed to convince my favourite niece, Gomathi to give me company and together we participated in our very first marathon (for a cause).


PINKATHON, a run solely for women “to encourage women’s health and fitness.  It aims to raise awareness about breast cancer, its causes and prevention because unfortunately, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths amongst women worldwide, in spite of it being one of the curable cancers if detected early. The key to controlling this disease therefore, is to create awareness about preventive measures for breast cancer. PINKATHON offers the running distances of 3 Kms, 5 Kms & 10 Kms giving each runner an opportunity, to run in their comfort zone.”

Another reason that I managed to make it for this run – dashing Milind Soman was part of this entire initiative.

Yeah! that's me on the right. I shook hands with Milind thanking him for making it to Chennai.

Yeah! that’s me on the right. I shook hands with Milind thanking him for making it to Chennai.

I have been an ardent admirer of this handsome crusader (swimmer, model, actor, etc) while I was still studying in school/college. So, even if I was going to just see him from afar LIVE (!) I was going for it. Call me stupid or dumb, whatever.

The last time I woke up at 4 in the morning was when I was studying for my exams in school and that was ages ago, it seems. I got ready excitedly. Very supportive hubby and son tagged along, wondering all along whether I really knew what I was getting into. I felt great donning the I AM A PINK SISTER t.shirt and pinning on my bib with my number 7891. Once inside the arena at Island Grounds, Chennai, we were surrounded with this wave of around 6000 women, girls – all eagerly waiting to chip in for the cause like me and my niece.

But, then, more was to come. Warming up was still on the agenda we found out. And, suddenly the stage was thrown wide open to a ZUMBA group that led us all into warming up before the actual race/walk began. The moves were fast, seductive and foot tapping.

warming upHesitant at first to let go before such a huge crowd, I kept watching it all and then, looking at women of all ages, sizes and weight shaking themselves to the music I told myself – To hell with the amateur dancing of mine, To hell with my conscious behaviour. The only person I knew in this place was my niece and I just freaked out. Wooooo!

milind and zoombaBoth of us loved it, loved making a fool of ourselves and enjoying it all the same. And yes, warming up too in the process. I have never enjoyed myself so much in public before….I was loving it and if any doubts had been lurking in any corners of my mind, they just scattered away.

I was reminded of the time I used to attend music concerts to cover them as a Cultural Correspondent. Then, I had the duty of assignments so, I had to restrain myself. Today, nothing like that was there so, I had a wonderful time.

warming up with milind

Warming Up!

I met some women still undergoing chemotherapy but participating in the race. What an inspiration! And, so much more older than me too….


The race left me feeling a great sense of fulfillment and achievement. PINKATHON had helped me contribute my little bit for the cause, had inspired me to not take my body for granted and yeah! prove to myself that I COULD wake up early everyday and exercise if I really wanted.


And the race begins...

And the race begins…


Me and Gomathi on our way...

Me and Gomathi on our way…


My heartfelt thanks to the organizers of the event, to those who thought of commencing such a lovely initiative. I am hoping to continue participating in the marathon every year. 

Love you all who chipped in to make this event a success….

With our Medals....

With our Medals….

And to all the women who could not make it this time, you can still do it next year or better still, begin taking care of your body from this very minute.

And the husbands, fathers, brothers and all those men who stood behind to cheer their women for this cause….Thank you. I know you love your women……

Near the War Memorial

Near the War Memorial


F for Fancy!


I write whatever takes my fancy, from musings to amusing stuff, from views to reviews, from verse to prose and from reflections to observations. That covers about almost everything doesn’t it?

With not too much to hanker about I try to be content and spread contentment through my work.

Sometimes, I do raise queries that have difficult answers.

I don’t like to sit on the fence you see! Again, black or white is fine. But grey too is okay as long as it comes from the heart and mind and is not a victim of the stereotype situational circumstance.

It’s not easy to hitch-hike people’s minds but I do exactly that, putting myself in their shoes to acknowledge, feel and understand their Emotions, Attitudes, Reactions, Thoughts and Happenings. My writings stem from these.

These are the lines that I had written when I first started this blog in the About Me page.  No fancy claims these!! Thought I would just include them in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.


E for Easy!!


EI thought it was easy to write a few words on an alphabet every day. No word limit. Just a few ideas expressed in sentences based on an alphabet prompt.  It couldn’t get any easier, could it? Or so I thought. I wrote religiously too till the letter D and then….. time or the lack of it combined with the heat in this blistering summer- all got together to conspire against me to prevent me from penning a few words on the alphabets. But, today, I have decided to compensate for it and write for all the days I let slip by.

So many things in life we take for granted. We think that it is easy and leave it for the last moment till time and circumstances take over and we are left brooding, wondering what went wrong.

Some of the things we find easy to procrastinate because we always think there will be time for it later are like the following: (Of course, the list could vary from person to person. I am writing only a few)

  1. Smiling at the neighbor as we leave for work. (You never know, the neighbor could suddenly fall sick or decide to shift to another place or even worse, pass away)
  2. Hugging our spouse/mate. (The same reason as above apply and here it could be a major loss which could leave us with a life time regret)
  3. Hugging our children everyday. (Exactly the same reason as above)
  4. Making time for our parents. (Nothing can compensate all the sacrifices that they have done for us)
  5. Making a list of priorities ( I may not be the right person to mention this point because I tend to be careless here at times and mix my priorities up leading to confusion later in the day but still, I insist. If I could need it so could you. And, it is an universal necessity. Don’t you think?)
  6. Having time for God. (Even if it is a little prayer. Sometimes, we get caught in our work and relationships that we forget and then remember when things are going wrong or it is just too late).

Easiness is a state of mind. While it does give us confidence, it can also make us careless. So, with this post I am going to blog regularly and not think ” ah! this easy !!”

Part of A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 for the letter E


D for Duster


When I was studying, the part I loved the best was wiping out what was written on the blackboard with the duster. Somehow, it felt good to have control over something that had been goaded into my head many a time against my will!  Completely forgotten was the fact that the teacher/lecturer had worked hard to write and explain the stuff on the board…. (Before you get any ideas, I used to do this after the teacher had finished her lesson)!!

Maybe, it was the extreme sense of letting go when I wiped the board with the duster to see a clean board ready to be used again. Was it more reflective of a subconscious desire to be set free of all bonds that chained me? Or, was it an ardent wish to begin afresh after the slate had been written and long gone?

Just imagine – how nice it would be to be able to undo one’s past, the grudges, the mistakes, the careless errors, the harsh hurtful words with an invisible duster? How lovely it would seem to be able to make up for time lost by using a duster that aided in wiping out everything that one did not want now? How wonderful it would be to be able to start afresh everyday without our past actions influencing the present or the future.

Maybe, we really do have that duster within each one of us, in our minds, but we seldom use it because we mostly believe that we are victims of circumstance and have to work out our karmas.

Maybe, if I attempt it right now, I would be able to wipe out all that I keep locked in to be indulged in at my whim and fancy depending on my moods. Maybe, I could use this very duster to not carry over days, weeks, months and years of emotion.  Maybe, then, I would really be set free….What do you say?
Entry for the Letter D which is part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014

Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister: A Book Review


“This is destiny. Here I am, on the last day of 2016, leading a coalition of diverse parties – a dark horse riding an unexpected political tsunami in a mid-term poll exactly two-and-a-half years after the general election of 2014. “

The author of this book, I gather, is especially interested in political personalities and ‘their influence on the destiny of nations and individuals.’ The book reflects this interest perfectly. As a book of fiction, ‘Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister’ is a delight to read as it very efficiently describes the life of a political enthusiast who aspires to make it big in the field of politics.
For those expecting a story filled with political clashes, hypocritical attitudes and stereotype political mud slinging, the book will be a disappointment. This is because the book is anything but stereotype. It excels in portraying the human (not necessarily humane!) side of a person stepping fresh into the slushy field of politics.
The main protagonist Siddhartha Tagore has a political background what with his father being a seasoned politician wanting his son to continue with his political lineage even though the son is not interested in it. I was instantly reminded of our ex-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who did not want to enter the political arena until politics was thrust upon him when his mother Indira Gandhi was assassinated. In the same manner, Siddhartha Tagore who wants to pursue his own life with his interests like music and the like which bloom across the shores, not in his motherland is forced to take over from where his father left after he passes away. Siddhartha realizes his father’s dream only after he is no longer alive. Rather ironical when he could have easily freed himself from the bonds he kept avoiding when his father was alive. But somehow, his father’s demise very much like Indira Gandhi’s death hastens matters for the sons, something they never really wanted for themselves in their hearts.

How much more would Siddhartha have to lose before he realizes his dream?
The love of his life, he finds abroad, only to lose her when he returns to India. With the loss is lost the desire to want anything for himself.
Is Siddhartha willing to lose all that is dear to him in life for an unknown, uncertain and lonely life in politics where none is friend and most are foes?
Will the mantle of a Prime Minister destroy all desires or would it only bury them temporarily under the mounds of excruciating circumstance and frustrating inconvenience to resurface later?
Can truthful initiative and intention of a genuine leader destroy the political enemies that wish to dismantle India?

“I, Siddhartha Tagore, do solemnly affirm…’

“All eyes from both sides of the House were riveted on the slim figure as his easy voice cut through the chamber. Something was different here today. The rumourmill had been working overtime about Parliaments’ new Harvard-educated member, one who had suitably astonished the delegation of Parliamentarians on New York’s East River with a stunning display of musical talent followed by and unaccountable display of his aquatic abilities.”

The author is to be appreciated for bringing alive the persona of a leader amidst the treachery of a profession called politics. With an interesting narrative that sifts out of cities, countries and traverses over time and space, the book is really worthy of a read.  Coming at a time when politics is going through a moral turmoil, it is a book worth not missing.

And this one especially for the author: Take Zubek’s advice. Plunge into politics. Your passion for politics, political change and the interest in the human side of the politician is proof enough that you will do a fairly good job at it.

Book Title: Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister
Author: Tabrik C.
Publication: Hachette Book Publishing India Pvt. Ltd
Pages: 319
Price: 350/-


Tabrik C is a political enthusiast, perfumer and internet entrepreneur. His special interests lie in observing, analyzing, predicting and debating the rise and fall of political personalities. He was also president of the students’s union in St. Stephen’s College Delhi where he did his post graduation in History.

Link to a video about the man behind the book.

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!”>

C for Cocoon!

6748421751_6c2d3d9245_nSometimes, it really feels heavenly when one is cocooned in one’s protective shell. Now, that cocoon could vary from person to person. While one may like wrapping oneself up in a silky covering of solitude cutting off from the world temporarily, there may be others who just need to go underground armed with all their favorite interests in life (like music,  dancing, reading, meditating, etc).

But, in today’s world, cocooning doesn’t come easy. Either you don’t get it at all and get all stressed out and frustrated. Or else, one needs to pay a big price for it like keeping away from all that is essential for daily survival like friends, work, family, etc. Cocooning came easy to me as a child, in fact, it was the getting together with people that worked as an antidote for my self imposed solitude. Gradually, I came to like and appreciate both. While I had a lot of time doing my work on my own in my own company I also enjoyed connecting with people. So, sometimes, the socializing became my cocoon!!

However, as one grows older, one realizes how necessary it is to connect with oneself, away from all the noise and working of society. I understand ( although I  still aspire to reach out and be communicated with) how important it is to realize where one’s priorities lie, how much to give and how much to keep back. My cocoon today, is heading in that direction although there are times when the lines overlap and one lands temporarily in the land of nowhere, neither here nor there kind of thing. But, I am working at it. And I do love my cocoon however incomplete, shoddy or immature it may seem….. Maybe, some day I could turn out into that happy, beautiful, desire free, loving butterfly…….


Entry for the Letter C which is part of the A to Z  Blogging Challenge April 2014

Birth: The Letter ‘B’


Birth takes place.

It takes us places.

Giving birth  not at all easy

and yet the most beautiful activity on earth

ever imagined -

an act of love, compassion and awe-

all forms of a creativity

unimagined, breathless in its conception.

Believe it or not,

our birth only makes living stronger, better and happier.

Learning every other day

to create

healthy thoughts,

happy emotions

and positive vibrations.

Birth is this and much more…….

 Entry for the Letter ‘B’ which is part of the A to Z  Blogging Challenge April 2014

Arrey Yaar: It is the Letter ‘A’

Participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge ( April 2014)

The Letter ‘A’

Art crosses the contours of all things creative and logical. There was a time, I was dead sure I was going to become an artist because as far as my memories take me to my past in flashback, I remember that little girl seated in a corner with her art book drawing away all that came to her mind. Images buried in the deep recesses of my subconscious mind or maybe, imaginary – they all gave me the joy that any form of art can ever give a person lost in the mundane activities of a sedentary life.

And, I spared no one. Not even that sparsely haired uncle who decided to give us a visit just when I had begun to get bored. So, into my bedroom I ran, brought out my colors and of course my art book and sat down like those artists on the pavement trying hard to sell a painting or a sketch. And before the visitor left he was sure to get a sketch of himself not exactly in a very complimentary manner but then, I was an artist in the mind, not to ignore the fact that I was a little girl trying hard to put her time to good use instead of running around the house or pulling pranks on visitors!


As time passed my art drifted into the all happening realm of poetry. And I wrote with a vengeance leaving behind those little images from the past only to discover that the images in my poetry reflected a piece of artistry that had not been indifferently discarded behind as I had presumed. In every verse that I read of a well-known poet I could see a little girl or boy seated in the corner trying to create a world of colors, sketches and writing – altogether contributing to the final unsurpassed piece of art.





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